Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Top Ten Summer Don'ts

   Summertime 2011 will be a season different than any I have ever had in my life, for so many reasons.
  • I have been a Mom for sixteen years, but this will be the first summer both of my two beautiful daughters plan to spend full time with their Dad & his family. 
  • Handsome and I have a busier hobby farm than we have ever had before. 
  • I am actually on the road to losing weight instead of gaining it. 
  • The gardens are mostly planted by now, and not just on paper. 
  • I have a blog, a new, shiny, unscrewed up blog. 
  • Handsome's car show calendar is the fullest it's ever been. 
  • I am scheduled to be a bridesmaid in our nephew's wedding.  
  • Handsome & I will be celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary in July. 
  • And our very best friends will be sending their youngest off to college in August, a milestone we cannot help but commemorate along with them. 
Gulp.  Lots going on!

   So how shall I ensure that this summer of patchwork challenges and opportunities doesn't fly past me like a kid greased up in Coppertone, zooming down a wet Slip-N-Slide?  I have a plan....

  1. I will use sunscreen & self tanner on my face and throat as often as possible, acknowledging all the while that I am now in my late thirties and no can no longer afford multiple sunburns there.  Similarly, I will wash up frequently, because summertime means outside, and outside means dirty (especially around here), and dirty means surprise breakouts.  I will not be grody.
  2. I will seize every day for what it offers.  No matter the weather or the agenda, I will accept every day for the specialness it bears, because Summertime 2011 will be made up of only about eighty-four days and eighty-four nights.  And we all know how quickly those can evaporate, especially in the Oklahoma heat and humidity.  I will not luxuriate in the freedom of summer so much that I waste it.
  3. I will send gifts to my children, call them frequently without asking when we'll see each other again, and pray for them and their Dad and Step mom every day.  I will get through this summer without bitterness, and I will conquer the seeds of resentment.
  4. I'll spend some time with my sweet and wise ol' Grandpa Rex.  He has the prettiest and most productive garden in the world, and he has taught me nearly everything I know about this rewarding art.  I hope this isn't our last summer with him.  I will not take my loved ones for granted.

5.  I will entertain zealously, like probably once or twice a week, but I will NOT, I repeat I will NOT gain three to five pounds for every party we throw.
6.  My husband and I will celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary in July, woohoo!!  I will not wait until the morning of departure to pack my suitcase and mop the floor.
7.  I will not spend more time on Facebook than I spend writing something that will last.  Yikes, that one could be difficult.
    8.  I will not shy away from the most difficult and icky farm chores, forever resting on the brute strength and industriousness of my Handsome Husband.  I will shoulder more of this burden than he's honestly expecting me to, but I won't tell him first.  Who was it who said this?  "Don't tell me what you're going to do; show me."  This is good advice.  The bank where I used to work had a customer service tenet:  "Under-promise and over-deliver."  Bingo.
    9.  We have a great book club.  I mean, we have collected some of Oklahoma's best and brightest women, and we have a great time!  But this summer I will not read the last page first, not on any of our chosen titles.  Like, I totally promise.
    10.  Lastly, I will not freak out too awful much if I fail at any of the previous nine resolutions.  Life is good; life is beautiful in fact, and I am so grateful for every detail of what I have been given.  Even the tough stuff. 


  1. Isn't it so true that we want goals, but we don't want to beat ourselves up over them? Keep it all in perspective!

    Visiting from Mama Kat's. :)

  2. Visiting from Lady Bloggers Tea Party. I love the look of your blog.
    The not spending too much time on facebook is something I need to set for myself!! If I'm not actually online I'm attached to my smart's crazy.

  3. visiting from lady bloggers :) and i like your positive vibe xo

  4. Oh good. I was just about to tell you that's a huge list and you should go gently if you don't keep to it. But good for you. We all need goals. And this lsit is very personal and aspiring. I hope you get to most of it most of the time, and enjoy the times you don't becuase when life does what it wants to anyway, there's usually something special on the way.


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