I love gardening. I love it so dang much. I think about the garden in one way or another most hours of every day.

   Possibly too much. But do not tell my husband I just admitted that.

   I just love the outdoors.

   Following are links to some gardening posts I have written over time. I sure hope you'll stroll through with me and share your thoughts...

"Won't you come into the garden?
I want the roses to see you."
~R. Sheridan


The Gardener's Shadow  June 2011 My first ever gardening post!

Seed Catalog Fantasies  Even in the depths of winter, perhaps especially then, I am daydreaming and planning. Do you do this, too? January 2012.

Raised Beds from Reclaimed Wood  In January of 2012 Handsome and I tore down a storm-damaged playhouse and used the lumber to build raised veggie beds.

Gardening by the Moon  In January of 2012 I started teaching myself about gardening by a lunar calendar.

My Garden's New Manifesto?  In February 2012, I fell in love with Barbara Kingsolver. HARD.

Waning Moon till February 22  What farm work looks like during a waning moon.waning moon, 2012.

Reviewing My New Manifesto  Then in March of 2012 I reviewed her book more thoroughly, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. Read it you guys!

First Garden With Kiddos  April of 2012, wherein I share some memories with my own girls and try to offer some inspiration to my sweet cousin in her first garden.

Quick Farm Update  Just another garden and farm update, this one in May 2012, wherein I debate with myself about a very large egg.

Garden Update Early June  A simple garden update in early June 2012, wherein Truitt assures me everything is pretty in its won way. Even weeds.

Make Your Own Mulch  In July of 2012 I was making my own mulch using shredded paper. And I had grown a watermelon that sang to me.

Crunch Time in the Garden  The summer of 2012 was incredibly difficult for gardening. here I wrote about some last ditch efforts here and how the garden remained a classroom.

Waxing Moon for August 2012  Some specific garden plans for an August waxing moon, 2012.

Autumn Arrives  September 2012, just reflecting on the change of season.

Waiting for Paper Whites and Celebrating Grace  The slow, silent ballet of paper whites and the depth of wintertime grace, December 2012.

The Herb Garden of Discontent  After much planning and day dreaming, my new herb garden gave me a small let down in May 2013. Things were looking better in no time, though.

Zucchini Secret Service  How tree frogs saved us in June 2013..

Choosing Light  June 2013, some spiritual encouragement inspired by a common garden problem and some uncommon garden beauty.

Knowing Dee  In July of 2013 I was very fortunate to interview Dee Nash, author, professional garden blogger, and friend. Read what she has to say about her craft!


   No doubt this list of garden posts will grow. No pun intended. Now I'd love to hear from you. What zone do you live in? What do you grow? How did you get started gardening? What are your favorites/ What are your biggest troubles in the garden?


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