Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Conjure: One Hundred Words or Less

      Sweet, heavy, grassy breath.  He examines me with liquid brown eyes, lashes longer than any others.  Square nose, slightly moist and leathery, nuzzles me for graham crackers I have hidden my back pocket.  Fingernails combing through the soft, short hairs on his face then through the thicker, coarser fur on his forehead.  Stroking his long, flickering ears, remembering all of those bottles of warm formula.  Massive head tossing around, gently displaying horns that mean business.  Cupped hands tracing their length, admiring the chips and colors, the perfect symmetry.  Baritone snorts, round belly heaving with every breath, perfect love and safety.

Update:  I guess I could have done a better job with some of the other physical senses, or in some way identified the beast better, but that's the whole idea...  Learning and growing from feedback!  LOVED this prompt, thanks for the comments everyone!  Below is a photo of the mystery animal.  

His name is Chunk-Hi.  
He is a two year old bison.
He feels pretty.
Because of the confetti.
He has never hurt me or anyone else.


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