Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Five Senses Tour: Crafts on the Horizon

   At any given time I have three hundred and forty five thousand craft projects "in the works."  The stages of completion range from "just saw this on Pinterest or in a boutique, must try asap" to "I just need to top stitch one more little piece, and it' done!"  So it's a little bit funny to be zeroing in on just five items on the crafty horizon.  Still, here they are.

   The general approach around here is to use fabrics and materials already on hand, that wonderful found stuff, recycling and re-purposing every single chance we get and resisting the urge to buy anything new except, perhaps, thread and finishing nails.

Item Number One:
distressed & stenciled piece of furniture

Pinned Image
Miss Mustard Seed does beautiful work!  This is hers, which I snagged off of Pinterest.

Item Number Two:
full bib apron with ruffles & pleats, made from vintage cotton sheeting
My version will be for sale when it's done.
Unless I love it too much.
Which happens a lot.

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Item Number Three:
wreath made from aged book pages
I'll finish this one tonight while watching movies with Handsome.

Pinned Image


Item Number Four:
silly applique pillows using only scraps of course

Pinned Image


Item Number Five:
scarf made from recycled tees
This one is intended for my sixteen year old daughter,
and I am using happy-memory shirts from her childhood.

Pinned Image


   So there we have it, five projects, each of which is underway and also has a recipient in mind.  Happy scavenging!


  1. we don't do wreaths but a book page one makes me want to!
    i adore that pale green used for dsitressed furniture. i've only ever tried french white.

    glad you joined in. :)

  2. How fun! I often wish I had this kind of creativity.

  3. You are very industrious. My own home also has MANY unfinished projects lying around. And I am always finding new ones to do. The other day I saw a wreath, also made from aged books (who has books that they want to tear up, I ask you? and why don't they have my number?), but in the form of roses. You simply cut out spirals and then twist them together to form roses, which you then stick onto a wreath. I am planning to try that but with newspapers. Might not be as sturdy, but I won't cry when I tear up a newspaper.


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