Monday, December 26, 2011

Stream of Consciousness Because That's All She's Got Cap'n

This is a 15-minute free-writing exercise meant to purge words,
not make a point, inspire, or glamorize anyone.
You have been warned.

   What a wonderful holiday we've enjoyed. Weeks of scattered time with friends and family, including two sorely missed but deeply loved teenage daughters. Beloved guests at the farm (more to arrive tomorrow). Incredible parades of food. Fun, personal gifts both given and received. Only mild sickness this winter so far.

   Apparently the winter solstice has passed now, meaning that the days are now gradually lengthening toward springtime, exactly the news we like to hear when the sun sets around 5:30 each evening and doesn't rise until after 7:00 a.m. And since the birds are locked up we hear precious few rooster crows these days. 

   I am not complaining; the winter has been mild and comfortable so far, most days feeling more like springtime than they really should. But every year, some years with more intensity than others, once the Christmas presents have all been open my mind involuntarily shifts into gardening mode.

   What shrubs are not leafless are mostly dormant, but if I look closely enough I do find plenty evidence of green still. The honeysuckle, the roses, the baby trumpet vine, the pansies of course...

   We visited the Oklahoma City Zoo this afternoon and as usual I was as enamored by the landscaping there as most people (like Handsome) are smitten by the animal life. Our OKC Zoo, in case you didn't know, has a national reputation for awesomeness.

   In years past I tried getting my gardening hands on a byproduct they called, "Zoo Poo" for use in the gardens, but now I suppose we have plenty of my own. 

   We both loved the look and functionality of their raised vegetable beds there, and I have decided to take that plunge this spring. If the winter stays mild, I may be working on those raised beds well before March you guys. This is exciting. So very exciting.

   I've been accumulating horse and chicken manure for many months, turning it only occasionally, so by the time I get out there for a solid day of work and examine the stuff I expect to find some nice, hot, fluffy lazy W zoo poo of my own.

   We watched, on consecutive days this past weekend, both the Swedish and the American versions of the film The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Incredible. I had thoroughly enjoyed that book and the second in its trilogy (haven't read the third quite yet), and the movies were both faithful and creative. Loved every minute, especially the opening credits of the American movie. The casting was perfection in that one.

   I need to wash my hair.

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  1. I need to see "The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo" but not poop in the yard. I see a lot of birds since they fly south for the winter; however, the massive flocks have moved further south for now.


  2. great ending... "i need to wash my hair" - so random... i am currently reading 'the girl....' intriguing... glad to hear the movie did it justice..

  3. I LOVE that you did this! I haven't done mine yet, but tomorrow is the day. My guess is that yours is far more logical and coherent than mine will be. We'll see... ;O)

  4. I think I love streams of your consciousness. And Lazy poo, for gardening use only. Dragon Tattoo? Longer than MI: Ghost Protocol, but *much* better. That ratfink Bjurman ... Ugh.

  5. What a lovely ramble! Gardening, thinking that might help me get through the gray and painful Michigan winter post holidays.
    So nice to meet you!

  6. I need to wash my hair too - just have to wait a few more hours to have the house (and the bathroom) to myself when the family leaves. Heading into Toronto to drop off my stepsons, then downtown to Chinatown for our annual Christmas Chinese food dinner - something my husband and I have done every year since we first started dating.

    Dragon Tattoo? Loved it - Daniel Craig is worth going to any movie, but he was terrific in this. Loved the opening credits too.

    Enjoyed your rant - hope you have a great day.

  7. Somehow your random thoughts seem much more organized than I expect mine will be. Sounds like you need to see the movie "We Bought A Zoo" or something like that...not sure the wording is correct. Sounds like it might hit close to home. :D)

  8. Yes,must color my hair. great job, Makes too much sense

  9. zoo poo........I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!! LOL you made me smile and LOL. thank you..i need to wash my hair too!! LOLOL ((hugs))

  10. Zoo poo? You save poo? So funny, wish I was a better gardener. I need to re read the Dragon Tattoo books, I wasn't sur I liked them first time around. Now with the to the dentist (already washed the hair). Great job with the 15 minutes.

  11. Guess what? I need to wash nmy hair too :) and great take on the theme!

  12. well, sometimes we need to get the mundane out there as well. And it all seems like a beautiful life to me.


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