Thursday, January 3, 2013

My Word for 2013: STRENGTH

   Happy New Year friends! Happy first Thursday of the fresh, clean, brand spanking  new set of months and moments! Happy cold, frosty morning (if you are in Oklahoma) and Happy Another Chance to Try Big Things and Chart New Territory. Do you feel the energy? Much more than caffeine, I feel it. I feel the pulsing, sparkling sense of possibility and hope all around me.

I'm a spring and summer person for sure, 
but this year is the farthest I have ever felt from a "winter of discontent."
My heart is so full, my mind is so stimulated,
and my spirit is so encouraged... that where dormancy is evident,
I see only possibility, only life building up her wonderful stores.

   My personal resolutions are too many to count, and since last year I fell into the tantalizing habit of calling them reVolutions, they evolve anyway according to need and passion. So to mark the first of the year, and as an homage to the deep and communal love we all share for words, my word of the year is...


   Strength, in so many manifestations.

   Strength of body, because in two weeks I begin training in earnest for my first half marathon, which will happen in late April.

   Strength of spirit, as I flex repeatedly against that Worry Door and face new challenges and pains resolutely.

   Strength in finances, domestic pursuits, and daily goal tending. Strength to keep my promises. Strength to maximize the potential of our fabulous little book club.

   Strength to bend but not break... Strength to grow and bear fruit... Strength to admit my faults and overcome them. Strength to trust more fully, love more freely, and give of my true self (not my competitive, imagined self) more generously. Strength to hang on tight and let go gently, and strength to know when to do each.

   The possibilities for 2013 are endless!! I shudder almost to articulate them, though, because the year is so young I still have that waking sensation you get between dreaming and living when you can still enjoy the vision but dare not focus too hard on it, or it evaporates.

   Thank you to everyone who has been nibbling around this digital Lazy W this past year! I appreciate all of the comments, the emails, and funny, smart, touching interactions. Sometimes I cannot believe how many wonderful people I have met "here." Thanks to those of you who have visited the dirt and hooves Lazy W this year too, and helped Handsome and me make so many fun memories. Our home is richer for the time spent with you. Also, thanks to those of you sharing your own wonderful stories. I treasure these connections so much.

   So, cheers to the close of a rich, wonderful year! And cheers to the startlingly gorgeous beginning of a new one! Love to you all.

"Only those who risk going too far
Can ever possibly find out how far one can go."
~T.S. Elliott


  1. ". . . where dormancy is evident,
    I see only possibility, only life building up her wonderful stories." Gorgeous, and so true. What an inspiration you are.

    I just love you, Marie.

    1. Thank you Brittany! xoxo Same to you, ma'am. And a very happy 2013 in Brevard!

  2. The Word for me this year is Purposeful.. Last year the LoRd laid GROW.. I look forward to seeing what happens and how that word may and will transpire me


    1. Jeannie, I love it! Purpose, I can imagine all kinds of ways that could manifest. Happy new year to you for sure. Mia sends his love. xoxo

  3. Strength is perfect, especially how you've defined it. Here's to 2013 and the opportunities it will bring. Grab them up with gusto and live strong.

    1. Oh thank you Elizabeth!! Cheers to you and a very happy new year!! xoxo

  4. Just skimmed your posting and will read it fully later. Pretty exhausted after spending two days at the hospital with my mother and will be back for more next week - she's facing more surgery. Pray for her, my friend.


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