Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Afterglow of Little Women

   Last month our famous little Dinner Club With a Reading Problem met to discuss Louisa May Alcott's Little Women. It was a grand time, filled with cookie decorating, food eating and eating again, and several fantastic hours of laughter and hugs. Heart-warming stuff, you guys. Seri hosted us and cemented a new holiday tradition!

   Something tells me I have already told you that much already.

   The unfortunate secret, though, is that on that first weekend of December I was all caught up in other books and other projects and wading in the deep pool we call "Christmas" and did not finish this fine book in time to properly explore it with my comrades. What a shame!!! This is among the loveliest, most soul nourishing things I have ever read.

   So here we are now, the first bright weekend of this fresh young year, and I have finally polished off what I agree is a masterpiece. My reflex is to review it like any other book, but reviewing this work seems at best redundant but, more accurately, arrogant.

   Still, this is such a finely layered and solid piece of classic American literature and such a wholesome boost to my spirit personally, that some thoughts beg articulation. Will you please bear with me? And if you have read this fine volume before will you pretty please join this belated discussion??

   How to divide my myriad thoughts on these 578 pages? There's just so much worth keeping from this. More than many other books, for sure. So over the next week or so I will be peppering this little page with what beauty I can extract from Little Women and distill into my own words.

  • Wisdom form Mrs. March, the matriarch. 
  • The extensive list of other literary works cited in this work. 
  • Life themes that sprout and grow as the March children do the same. 
  • How Little Women might relate to our study on Proverbs 31. (I bet you thought I had abandoned that again, huh? Well I didn't; I only decided too do it naturally, bot hurriedly.)
  • Character analyses and how different people identify with different March sisters.
  • How does modern romance compare to the romances then?
  • How Little Women helped expand my vocabulary.

   All of that to say that I have more to say, later. And all in the midst of a thousand other things, so I do hope you will drop in now and then this month!

   Have you read Little Women? Did you read it as a student? Who was your favorite character? How can you imagine it applying to modern life? Are you interested in doing a little guest post about Little Women? It would totally earn you honorary membership int our book club!

"I'd no idea hearts could take in so many;
mine is so elastic, it seems full now..."
~Jo March



  1. Never read it, but now I want to run to the library for a copy.

    1. Heather I hope you find time for it! It's soothing and inspirational for Moms, even to those of us whose daughters are past the most tender years.

  2. One of my all-time favorite books. I have read it up to where Beth gets sick at least 10 times. I have finished it once. I just can't.

    1. Julia... that is a tough spot for sure. I cried and cried and had to finish, but can understand why it's a stopping point in re-reads. I would LOVE to hear more of your thoughts on this book!

  3. I have never actually read the book. I do have it and planned to read it with my Kaley. I have already read The Little House on the Prairie series to her. I have the Betsy Tacy series, the Anne of Green Gables books and this one. After reading this, I think we will read Little Women next. I can't wait! Thank you for sharing and I look forward to hearing the rest of your thoughts about this book.

    1. Hi Amber!! No joke, I thought so fondly of you and your sweet girls throughout reading Little Women. The way you are raising them, their varying personalities, your gentleness in motherhood... I am so excited to hear what you and Kaley think of it! My faves at that age or so (and also later with my girls) were Little House and the Boxcar Children.

  4. I read an abridged version as a child. Jo was my favorite, of course. I haven't read the full monty. I did just read (on NPR, maybe?) that there's a new book out about the influence Alcott's mother had on her. I guess traditionally more attention has been paid to her father's influence. Go marmie, that's what I say.

    1. Hhhmmm. Interesting about Alcott's influences! I'll check into that, thank you! No full monty, eh? Try it if you have time or think our beauties may like it. I think her messages to young ladies, though a but antiquated on the surface, ring true deep down for everyone. (In my opinion.)
      Regarding fave characters, when I posed that question at December book club, about 90% of our women said, "Jo for SURE!" LOL
      thanks Brittany!! xoxo

  5. Iiiii LOOOOoooove Little Women!! The writing style is so much like Anne of Green Gables - my favorite!

    1. Isn't is refreshing, Kelly?? Definitely stuff you could read again and again at different life seasons. Thanks so much for stopping here!! xoxo

  6. I started it last year and got sidetracked by something else halfway through, and never picked it back up. It's on my to finish list for this year. I just found it hard to read after a full day mothering a toddler. I kept falling asleep. I will pick it up soon.


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