Monday, February 25, 2013

I Saw You Last Night

   While raking hay today, I suddenly remembered dreaming of you last night. Your large, ebony eyes were sparkling. Your olive skin was so clear I could almost see through it. You smiled at me with a depth of joy I haven't seen in many years.

   I asked you, "You're really coming home?"

   You nodded at me, still smiling, almost giggling, but said nothing. I could hear your heartbeat. I felt a ghost of that old sensation of you moving inside my young belly, although you stood tall and strong in front of me. Only a few years younger now than I was then.

   Your sister came into focus and you hugged each other, still smiling at me, still sending me your electricity.

   I tried so hard to stay asleep and listen for your voice.

   Today, while it rains outside, your bed is covered with fresh sheets and many warm blankets. I am gathering ingredients fro your favorite cookies, just in case. Your place in this house may look different than it used to, but your place in my heart has never changed, nor will it.

   I am so happy for you, and I ache for you all at once. You have all of my heart for as long as I live.

   Seeing you last night was such a wonderful, unexpected gift! Did you see me too?


  1. So moving. I wish I could share that dream to at least see her face.

  2. Oh, that touched me deeply. I hope all is well.


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