Saturday, February 16, 2013

Twenty Lies and Counting, and a Drawwing

   Good Saturday afternoon, friends and fellow adventurers in life!! How are you? What hot and delicious things do you have simmering on the stove today? Handsome and I are happily perched at the top of a three day weekend. We are working with the animals, preparing for a fun bonfire tonight, and gradually improving the gardens and such.

    Our days and nights have been so full lately. So brimming with activity and love, energy and variety.

   Here is an image of our daily little grain conflict. Although everyone has more than enough, the boys insist on battling. I should post a video of it sometime, because llama noises are so funny.

   Here is Chunk-hi battling in his own way, against a defenseless wheel. He can flip it and spin it with those massive horns, but his sweet little buffalo hooves cannot kick it the way be obviously wishes they could.

   Valentine's Day at the farm was wonderful. This painting was my surprise Valentine gift from you-know-who. I have developed a mild obsession with Mexican sugar skulls lately, and he knows it. He had been working on this in secret for days, and when I first saw it I couldn't breathe. The fact that he painted it on reclaimed wood and not newly purchased canvas shows his love for me even more.

   Handsome's love language is food. Well, that's one of them at least... So for Valentine's Day we stayed home and I surrounded him with appetizers, shrimp scampi and rib eye steak, luxurious breads and salads, and two desserts. It was a lovers' feast for sure.

   I have been substitute teaching some here and there, reading and running when I can, and making improvements upstairs in the Apartment. I also spent some treasured time yesterday with my youngest daughter, which always makes my heart swell. So without a doubt I have had plenty of time for living fully. But not so much with time to sit down and write. Well, I do have at this moment 142 blog posts in draft form. And a spiral notebook two-thirds full of other ideas. And a purse-sized paper book bursting with mandala scribbles and such. Also a laptop heavy with this big fat novel at which I'm still nibbling, paragraph by paragraph.

   But I can't seem to finish any writing lately, because the days just speed by with normal, wonderful life stuff. I want very much to remedy this, but for now all I can produce is a list. A list of lies. Please enjoy, and please add some lies of your own in the comments.

  1. I am completely up to date on my various reading and Bible study projects.
  2. My husband and I agree perfectly on how much perfume women should wear.
  3. We also agree perfectly on how many different seasonings are needed in any given pasta dish.
  4. All of our spare top sheets in the house and crisply pressed at this moment.
  5. My kitchen pantry is enviably tidy and organized.
  6. I have a really good tan right now.
  7. And my nails have never looked better.
  8. Running on a regular basis is laborious and wasteful and not at all profitable to life.
  9. I don't miss Daphne at all. I never walk outside and look for her then suddenly remember she's gone.
  10. We are constantly running out of good coffee and cream. 
  11. My husband never drives too fast.
  12. I never feel jealous or insecure.
  13. My sense of personal style is completely sensible and conservative.
  14. The chickens hardly ever kick up the dirt out of the flower bed because they love a clean sidewalk.
  15. We understand fully why the kids aren't here.
  16. I never, ever commit irritating typos.
  17. I also only use the word "AWESOME" when called for. 
  18. The idea of planting flowers in a few weeks just bores me to tears.
  19. I can't even imagine where else we could fit another garden, anyway.
  20. Obviously we already know everything there is to know in life, and nothing is amazing.

   So there you have it. Twenty lies. I am sure more untruths are lurking in the shadows, so please help me uncover them! Add your own lies in the comments, and I will choose a winner at random to receive a Lazy W Critter Tea Towel.

This is an example of a Critter Tea Towel, sewn with scraps.
You can choose any of our animals, and I'll use his or her silhouette.

   Happy long weekend everyone!! Thanks for stopping in!

"Leisure only means a chance 
to do other jobs that demand attention."
~Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.



  1. Lie #21-There is always enough time in the day to complete everything on my "To Do List" makes me feel sooooo successful. A. Anderson in Alabama

    1. Angela... GOOD one! That happens to me too, LOL But I am positive you are one very successful woman. Thank you so much for stopping in!! xoxo

  2. Yep, you're list is a bunch of lies. My dreams are silly and I'm just not that creative.

    1. haha!! Great lie, Teresa, I love it!! These lies sound so vile when I say them and forget we're speaking lies. WOW. Eye opening! Thank you for stopping!! xoxo

  3. Dearest Marie,

    My exercise regiment is regular, extremely enjoyable and I have the abs of a 20 year old.

    Tee hee,
    Rose Marie B

    1. hahaha!! Rose that is great. You are so dry and funny already I can barely tell, thank you so much for reading and commenting!!

  4. Replies
    1. Heather, I am so glad this is a lie... cannot think of a better way for a creative woman like yourself to start the day!! xoxo Feeling better yet?

  5. Reclaimed wood?? Even better than I originally believed. Your meal sounds delicious. I love love that picture of Chunk-Hi. I love the name Fast Woman every time I read it. My lie today? Having the kids home on a snow day is so totally AWESOME!

    1. haha!! I saw your note about the snow day drama, LOL Different culture out there in the green, eh?? Yes, I love he reclaimed wood so much... up close the texture is AMAZING. He's a keeper. Thank you Brittany! : )

  6. Truth: The more I visit here, the more I adore you.
    Falsehood: I finished The Aeneid. GAR!

    1. Laura you make me smile so big!! xoxo Really appreciate you visiting. And I ALSO have not finished the Aeneid, though I want to! What else are you reading?

  7. My boyfriend is awful, I hate working on this house, and I'm simply no good at anything .... :)


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