Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Morning After, Counting Blessings

   This morning we opened our weary eyes to light winds stirring up fresh air, deep blue and grey skies, and well watered fields. Another storm is moving in, but it's gentle. Overflowing the banks of our pond as if with tears. The thunder is rolling smoothly today, a sad but soothing backdrop to this new reality.

   The animals are calm and safe. I am stunned by how normal everything looks, despite how it feels. Last night's tornado swept just past the edge of our farm and touched down across the road. Our house, incredibly, is unharmed by the past two days of severe weather. This time, not even a shingle slipped out of place.

   We are in tact physically, but our true home, our hearts, are hurting deeply. Aching because so many in Oklahoma have lost everything. So much life is gone. And so many of our loved ones are in shock from close calls that can barely be understood or articulated. I cannot peel away from updates from family and friends, and proceeding with a normal day feels bizarre. It will be a long, long time before thousands are able to enjoy normalcy again. Never, for some.

   Storm season is part of life here in Oklahoma, and everyone has a story. So sometimes we joke about it; sometimes it's exciting. Then sometimes we are struck down by it and reminded of the danger. Unfortunately most of us have by now dealt with the most extreme tornadoes, especially the folks in Moore, my husband's home town.  Still, Oklahoma enjoys a civic intimacy here that I know is special. Something contracts us tightly, like a great loving muscle, when tragedy strikes. We are drawn closely together to help each other and to share each other's pain.

   Please keep Oklahoma in your prayers for a long time. The shock will begin to wear off in a few days and those affected by this week's devastation will need grace, strength and miracles. As I write this the thunder is rolling more and more. I cry spontaneously and can barely breathe, thinking of how many people are mourning the worst, most unspeakable losses.

   We have so much here for which to be deeply, forever grateful.

   Love your people fiercely, as I know you do!

"There's a long road ahead. 
  In some cases there will be enormous grief 
  that has to be absorbed.
  But you will not travel that path alone.
  Your country will travel it with you,
  fueled by our faith in the Almighty
  and our faith in one another."
~ President Obama

  May 21, 2013


  1. Oh, Marie. I am glad that you and yours weathered the storm. I have been praying almost nonstop for all the folks who are affected by this. Oklahoma holds such a dear and special place in my heart and that part breaks open for her suffering right now. Continuing in prayer as people start to put things back together again. xoxox

  2. So glad you all are okay. Sending Oklahoma good thoughts and prayers from Texas!

  3. I can't image the whirling emotions you must be going through. I'm so glad you guys and the animals are all ok. I will continue sending love and light to Oklahoma.

  4. This was beautiful.

  5. You always manage to put the right words to every situation. You've brought tears to my eyes and thanks in my heart to know you. Stay strong, my friend. Love you.

  6. Marie, I'm profoundly grateful that you are alive and well.
    As usual, you've poured out beautiful words to express the depth of what you and your fellowship are experiencing.

    "civic intimacy"- jaw dropping turn of phrase.
    Although I am now aware of a book by the same title, I read those words as companion for the first time here. Powerful.

    Saying prayers of thanksgiving for your sheltered circumstances and offering my broken heart in prayer for your people.

    Be well my friend.


    1. Really, I pressed publish too soon.
      Yes, my broken heart prays for your people.
      But, they're my people too.
      Fellow countrymen and countrywomen.
      Oklahoma has its fellowship.
      As a member of this one nation, I share with you, with all of Oklahoma, membership.

  7. It's been so surreal today, reading updates and learning stories. I can't wait to hug everyone.

  8. Beautifully written, Marie. Such a close call. When I heard it was headed your way I began praying for you. So glad you are safe.

  9. Beautifully written Marie. You and all of Oklahoma have been in my prayers constantly over the last couple of days. I am glad you are safe, but hurt for those who aren't. xo


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