Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Photo and a Story

   One of Mama Kat's brilliant writing prompts this week is perfect for me and my hectic but happy schedule. She suggests:

Open your picture folders, close your eyes 
and pick a random photo to share and write about.

   So what you see above is what I saw when I scanned to about the middle of 2013 and opened my eyes. What is your initial reaction?

   This pretty darn priceless photo was taken a couple of months ago at Handsome's twentieth high school reunion. Those four very very cool and stylish people are Handsome and me (in black) with our super good and FUN and beloved friends J and M. 

   I love this photo. Not surprisingly because I love these people. But seriously. Those heads!

   The reunion venue was particularly unique, a weird and wonderful private residence in midtown Oklahoma City boasting more conversation starters than anyone has time in the day to fully enjoy. I mean, you guys, there was a mechanical horse there. The small, heavy, painted kind like what you once found at grocery store entrances. And yes, all the girls rode it. Gleefully.

   There were paintings and sculptures galore. There was furniture like what had to have been collected from a thousand interesting sources, not all at once purchased in a gallery store. There were cars in the loft style home. Real cars. Beautiful collector cars. There were suits of armor and artfully crafted bathrooms with vintage silk neckties on display.

   And then there were these huge, beautiful theater masks of the Snow White dwarves. They were mounted on this exposed brick wall with ***just enough*** space behind each for an adult to cram his or her adventure-seeking face up there and pose for photos. I mean. So much fun.

   That is pretty much the story behind this photo. We have a hundred more from that evening. It was a great time and a wonderful memory maker. We almost didn't attend the reunion, but I am so happy we did. 

   As for tonight's writing prompt,  I am just glad that this photo isn't the one I randomly landed on:


   Thanks for a fun prompt Mama Kat!



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