Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tiny T and Halloween Costumes

   Greetings, Tiny T fans! 
Thanks a bunch for all of your brilliant, often hilarious comments and emails
suggesting where his search for love goes next. 
While that chapter percolates today, 
T is linking up with Mama Kat to share his favorite Halloween costume. 
Please tune in either this evening or first thing tomorrow morning 
to see what happens after the coffee shop!
New here? Welcome!
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   Mama Kat wants to know my favorite Halloween costume? Tiny T don't wear costumes. Costumes impede my mobility and anyway... what is better looking than what I already wear? I pity the fool who thinks a denim vest and feather earring can be improved upon!

Tiny T and Batman are known compatriots in Oklahoma.

   But I do love a good Batman costume. Batman and Tiny T have a lot in common. We fight crime. We defend the defenseless. And we rarely smile.

   Now. Who wants two tickets to this gun show?


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