Saturday, October 5, 2013

Tiny T: Episode Four

   Where we left him, Tiny T had just received an empty paper sack bearing a note of apology and phone number from the brunette he'd met in the French Quarter. He was feeling homesick but pleased to know she hadn't stood him up at the coffee shop. 

   Sometimes a person has to be ready and willing to heal himself if needed. He has to strike out and shore himself up, and often a large body of water helps. For Tiny T, the mighty Mississippi was nearby and exactly what he needed.

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   Then sometimes, out of the blue, we are pleasantly surprised. We just have to be watching for the messenger.


   Tiny T has lots of choices about how to proceed with his day. He needs your help! Does he send a written reply with Zane? Does he continue his run to the river bank? Does he write off this mysterious beauty, knowing she will be leaving town a few hours, and he must stay? Or something entirely different? 

   Thanks a ton for all of your comments and emails cheering Tiny T to a successful love connection! I hope you keep it up. My goal is to incorporate as many suggestions as possible. ❤ 

   Now, back to your regularly scheduled happy, restful, memory-making Saturday! Thanks for stopping by!



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