Saturday, November 9, 2013

All You Need Is Love

   Happy Saturday! Handsome and I were up early today. (Sleeping in, if we sleep at all, has become a distant memory.) We drank coffee with his sweet Dad. We watched the molten sunlight spread into every dark crevice of the downstairs. And we sat still, observing and evaluating the gradual acquaintance of our parrot, Bobby Pacino, with one of Harvey's little dogs, Mia. 

   Mia is a tiny, curly white speck of a dog whose ability to cuddle is unmatched. She has singlehandedly broken all my rules and preferences about indoor animals. (Pacino doesn't count.) I'm in love, and thankfully she and the bird are becoming friends. Finally.

   As I type this (with one hand because Mia is lounging cozily on the other), we have just spent about an hour sitting in my favorite weird green velvet rocker, refereeing some face time between these two. They're both super jealous. And they're both super sweet about it.


   Y'all this is an amazing shot. If you only knew the conditions under which it was taken. I made sure to not include myself in the photo because the other day I colored my hair an unusual shade of blonde that makes me feel like the 80's. But not in a great way. Like, I don't recognize myself in the mirror. Think... Ellen Griswold. Ack.

   Funny timing, today I get to go to the City for a smart-phone photography class! I "won" free enrollment with a snapshot I posted to Instagram, never mind that I was the only contestant, and some wonderful book-clubber girlfriends are joining me. I will learn all I can so my photos here will be better. 

   The farm is so beautiful right now. Deep drifts of colorful leaves everywhere. Fuzzy animals. Crisp skies. I want to sit and write about it all, especially the herb garden, which changes daily. Elegantly. I adore that little space.

   Please continue to pray for Handsome, his Dad, the entire family. Finding a new normal is going to take longer than I expected, but that's okay. Love, as always, is so powerful. 

    I'm learning so much. I'm seeing my men in a more vibrant light. Spiritual lessons are washing over me hour by hour, surprising me with new meanings. Seriously you guys, if I could get my hair right I'd feel pretty stable. 


      Also, this is a photo of our little buff, Chunk-hi, back when he was just a little short-horned puppy. He was still small enough to come inside the house. Not so much anymore. Time passes too quickly for my taste. But my gosh the garden looks tons better now! So does the front door. So there's that. I just thought you might like to see it.

   That's all the random news I have for the moment. Thank you ever so much for stopping in. I hope to have all kinds of great things to share before long.

   Much love to your corner of paradise, from my spot here in Oklahoma. Life is good, even when it hurts and shocks us. Love is the most powerful force, so use it. Choose it. Cling to it. Kiss your buffalo or your parrot or your inside dog, whatever you have. They need love too.

Nothing You Can Sing 
That Can't Be Sung





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