Saturday, December 14, 2013

Quick Christmas Check In

   Just dropping in to say hello! Things are really hopping around the W. Wintertime farm work, Christmas preparations, beloved house guests, and amended holiday traditions. Subbing, sewing, writing, even gardening! Also so much great reading and cooking... I am really having fun lately. Our book club has gathered with such deep love. Our good friend Marci is finally making a positive turn around with her wrist injury and infection. Prayers are being answered left and right, Life is good.

   The spirit of Christmas is alive and well in my heart! Throbbing, glowing, reaching out quite without my pushing. That's because the spirit of Christmas is Love, and Love touches everything and grows and grows with barely the slightest encouragement. Then all the beautiful, indulgent trimmings come along naturally... Decorations, gifts, traditions, music, outings... I love every dazzling, colorful speck.

I am still making hasty entries in my gratitude journal #furiouslyhappy! are you?

   That is really all I have time to say right now. I have a list of seven or eight blog posts in queue for you, ranging from recipes to book reviews and decorating ideas; but at this moment I am between a fun local parade, a round of shopping with my best friend, a Christmas party with neighbors, and possibly some light display viewing.  All complete with gallons and gallons of hot cocoa, of course.

   Hoping this finds you really enjoying the season, however you go about it!

Love is in the Air...
Everywhere You Look Around...


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