Tuesday, June 7, 2011

State of Fear (book review)

   First, let's agree that this book has all the elements that make for a good read.  Great characters, plot, complexity, tension, and a reasonable conclusion, plus a readable and entertaining style throughout.  I mean, the flavor served up by Michael Crichton is not nearly so sensual as Anne Rice nor so fantastical as Dean Koontz or Aimee Bender, but it is enjoyable in its own right.


   Okay, so no big surprise that the creator of Jurassic Park and the television series E.R. knows how to hold an audience...  But I had no idea what a thought provoking experience this paperback diversion would become. 
   And after digesting it for a while, I thought I was extremely clever to poke around the Internet looking for science to either reinforce or dispute what I had just read, only to find a full blown cult following already in place.

   I am always late to the best parties.  Unless I am throwing the party, but even then I am usually not early.  My hair is usually still wet from showering way too close to arrival time for guests, and the kitchen is in definitely in a general state of disarray.  A state of fear, if you will.

   Back to the book review. 

   This novel is basically about the inner workings and global wrappings of media, environmental concerns, big corporate money and government, and the straight up violence that comes with the whole circus. 

   If you have ever wondered about which media sources to trust and which to take with a big chunky grain of salt, read this book.  But I warn you, it will not act as a warm and cozy security blanket for your already troubled mind; you might slip into paranoia.

   If you have ever smirked at the extremes to which environmental activists take their many causes, read this book.  The same goes for people who are not sure why we should believe in something just because a popular celebrity says so.

   If you believe firmly in global warming and are a devoted recycler or carpooler, read this book.  I am not saying you will be be swayed one bit; you should just read this book.

   If you are either a member of or an attorney for Sierra Club or a similar group, well, you might not ought to read this book.  It could get you fired or at least placed on a list.  Then again, maybe it's required reading...

   If your morbid self has ever been curious about cannibalism, read at least part of this book, okay?  You can't even imagine.

   If you are an intelligent science student who has more than a lay person's foundational knowledge on these topics, read this book and then please contact me.  We have a lot of things to discuss.  Thanks.

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  1. Hubs has mentioned this book to me. I'm a reasonable recycler, carpooler, lover of my hybrid car, and a firm believer in climate change, or at least in that our manufacturing practices and lifestyle have a negative effect on our environment in some way. I am the "treehugger" of the family, which is funny to me. Because I know lots of treehuggers and I'm sort of a sad imitation of one. ;-) I'll add this to my shelf!


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