Thursday, June 23, 2011


What are you doing this weekend?

   If you live in Oklahoma, you are probably making your plans around the weather.  We're expecting more heat, sunshine, and wind.  And heat.

   By my count, we're about a third of the way through Summer 2011 and so far have been having a BLAST...  but there is so much more to come!  I am still researching ways to make the season slow down.  To make life slow down. 

   More farm visitors, more swimming, more fun with friends.  More movie nights and book club dinners, more travels (including our tenth anniversary trip), more time with nieces and nephews. 

   More steak.

   A couple of weeks ago this guy drives up to our gate in a white freezer truck peddling steak.  At first I shooed him away because I was home alone and way too tired from my long day to handle a shotgun.  But I told him to come back when my husband is around. 

   DUH.  In case you're unsure, this is NEVER what you say.  Never in a million years.  But I did and I am still alive to tell you not to do it, so whew.

   Since he was a legitimate business person who just wanted to sell some meat, he did not murder me and in fact politely returned a bit later when Handsome could field the offer. 
   Steaks are kind of Handsome's department.  He's just good at it.  If the guy was peddling vegetables, coffee, herbs, or toile fabric, that's all me baby.

   Anyway, since that afternoon our freezer has been pridefully full of rib eyes, filets, sirloin, and incredibly buttery chopped steak patties that are way too delicious to be called burgers.  They do not even need buns. 

   I wonder why we've been having so many guests.  Huh.

   This weekend, in addition to soaking up some Oklahoma heat and laughing hard with some of my very favorite people, I hope we indulge in a steak or two.  I'll cover the veggies.

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  1. Mm, there's the Keep Austin Weird fest downtown tomorrow, there's a front yard sorely in need of a sprinkler system, a bunch of boxes that need to be unpacked, at least a nap or two to take, and some work to do. It'll be busy!

    And you can keep the steaks. ;-)


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