Monday, September 17, 2012

Foggy Monday Morning Greeting

   Hey everyone! How was your weekend? How has your work week started out? Is it still foggy where you are, as your read this? At the farm I can barely see past the garden gate and the forest trees are blurred, showing only their slender black trunks in the grayness. Also, our animals are still mostly asleep at 8:30 in the morning! Lazy.

   Around here, today begins two full weeks of lunar fertility; I have a long list of autumnal jobs to tackle, both indoors and out; a good friend is starting her wedding preparations, and I am super excited to help; I have a beekeepers' meeting and am working at the Great State Fair of Oklahoma again, AND (certainly most important of all these fine things) I am embarking on a new emotional adventure for my children.

   This might be a light writing week for me, but then again so much is going on that I might lost my mind if I don't write. So we'll see. Either way, I wish you guys perfect September weather, just the right amount of food and exercise, three or four great books to read, a secret love note or two, and deep, abiding faith for whatever breaks your heart.

   I would be so thrilled if you kept my girls and me in your prayers especially right now. And if you're local, come see me at the Fair this Wednesday! I will be at the beekeeping exhibit again, learning more than I teach.

"Autumn is a Second Spring 
When Every Leaf is a Flower."
~Albert Camus


  1. Busy lady. You are always in my prayers. I pray that your life with what you dream it will be.

    1. Thank you Heather... (In so many ways life has already surpassed my expectations...) xoxo

  2. You deserve to have all you wish for in life. You have a loving heart, that has been cracked by too many feelings of sadness in this world. May peace, joy, love, and happiness surround you in this beautiful season.... or at least let there be a lack of zombie attacks....

  3. I LOVE foggy mornings! Always have. They seem kind of magical, quite and secretive.
    Hope you have a wonderful week! Praying for you and your girls.

    1. Me too Sonya... Kinda craving those foggy afternoons soon, too... Thank you so much for your prayers! xoxo

  4. How lovely! In South Africa, September marks the start of Spring. And we are all in full gear for that. The weather has been weird though: Getting hail and early thunderstorms (usually rains only come 2nd week of October); one scorching day followe dby 3 of winter cold. So really weird. But all good. I am loving the rains, enjoying the cold while it still lingers because, judging by the hot days, this summer is going to be hot hot hot.

    I hope you get to your to-do list. I miss the fog; You don't really get fog in the city....


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