Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The More I Run...

  • ...the longer I can run at once. Back in June, I couldn't even complete a quarter of a mile without stopping to catch my wheezy breath and lean forward to not pass out. Now on a good day I can run a solid five miles without stopping. On a bad day, I still run two miles easily. I look forward to the day when a five mile run is short for me and a half marathon is on the horizon.
  • ...the better I can breathe in general.
  • ...the stronger my tummy feels. I am shocked by how much secondary conditioning you grab without even meaning to! 
  • ...the longer my legs look.
  • ...the happier I am on a daily basis. After running, on sad days I feel more settled and centered and on already great days I feel downright jubilant!
  • ...the clearer my thoughts are. Mostly. (It is still me, after all.)
  • ...the less I feel bloated, which feels GREAT, so the less I drink soda to ruin that feeling. Since the only soda I drink is Diet Coke, drinking less is a huge benefit to me in the long run.
  • ...the more I drink cold, clear, ice-less water. Like, by the QUART. All day long.
  • ...the more often I brush my teeth throughout the day. Not sure why this happens, maybe because of the water guzzling? I like the feeling of a super clean mouth?
  • ...the less I crave sweets, including "filler" type breads and potatoes.
  • ...and the more I crave veggies.
  • ...the looser my jeans and yoga pants fit. Even wet or straight out of the dryer. This has been a terribly slow progression, but a progression nonetheless. 
  • ...the more I enjoy Pilates or yoga, maybe because I am all warmed up? Or because I know I am doing something to compliment the run? Not sure, but it's a clear benefit. The more I run, the stronger I am. Period. 
  • ...the better I am able to work efficiently around the farm. Running actually increases my energy, which is a very good thing.
  • ...the more I feel inspired to tackle other projects. Both mental and physical challenges are way more easily met.
  • ...the better I understand my husband. Why? Not because he's a runner (he certainly is not and makes no apologies for this), but because while running I tend to listen to a lot of white-boy rap, his soundtrack of choice during high school, when we didn't know each other. Also, now I finally know ALL of the lyrics to Teach Me How to Dougie. Bring on the karaoke.
  • ...the closer I feel to the youngsters who have inspired me (my own beautiful Jocelyn and my two handsome nephews, Dante, and Matt...) I am beginning to understand why teenagers love their Cross Country teams so much. 
  • ...the better my skin looks, more or less. I wear sunscreen at the farm, even when it's cool out, but I think that better circulation gives me the appearance of sunshine. LOL
  • ...the more cuddly our two biggest horse become. I mean, Chanta is always a lover, but Daphne, my moody mare, seems to tolerate me more since I have been using her back field for these half-hour adventures in sweat. I am guessing she likes that seeing me outside does not always equal me demanding something of her. Fair enough.


  1. Don't forget the increase in your rarrr factor!

  2. The benefits are boundless - I remember a lot of those feelings when I was running. Plus I had a whole group that I ran with, so it was a really social motivating time. Miss it so much - but there is no running with this back (doctor's orders sadly). I'll run vicariously through you though.

  3. Me too! the thing with the teeth brushing. I think it must be because we are being so mindful with our bodies and teeth brushing is probably just a real simple, intimate thing we can do in order to express our love and gratitude towards our bodies. Its surprising how good it feels to take real good care of oneself! I started running after a broken heart and it did wonders.That statement came out funny but I like it.

  4. Five miles! You have come a long way! I'm not running but I am doing some hikes, and I always feel better on days when I do.


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