Monday, December 3, 2012

December is Beautiful, Be Sweet

   Happy December you awesome people! Did you have a good weekend? Are you even more in the thick of Christmas preparations than last time I asked you? Things at the Lazy W are just as simultaneously hectic and restful as ever. I am hitting a daily stride around here that is deeply satisfying, so much so that maybe one day I should try to write it. It's a thrilling awareness.


   As our seasonal decorations evolve from autumnal to sparkly, and as we accumulate special gifts for loved ones and indulgent desserts and appetizers for all of the holiday parties headed our way, I am happy to have a moment of pause. This year I am thinking of the Christian reasons to celebrate, of course, but also of the pagan traditions that have carried over into modern culture. Maybe it's Oklahoma's changing weather patterns that have me feeling all contemplative... Or maybe it's the fact that this year I have more friends than ever who don't particularly subscribe to a rigid Christian label. Or maybe it's that in two days I will trepidatiously get my first spray tan thanks to a bottom-dollar coupon on Living Social I bought a thousand years ago. Whatever the cause, I am simmering in thoughtfulness about why we do the wintry-Christmassy things we do.

   I don't have too giant of a message with this you guys, only a little reminder and encouragement to go ahead and celebrate things your way, according to your own heart. Pull out all the stops! But don't waste precious time and energy criticizing how others celebrate. Or how they don't. The things we do are supposed to be joyful and loving, life-affirming acts, not critical and obligatory and demeaning to others. Or to yourself. And certainly, traditions are at their best when they are upheld deliberately and lovingly. Don't you agree?

"We have just enough religion to make us hate,
but not enough to make us love one another."
~Johnathon Swift

   So if you have a friend or neighbor who decorates a tree but doesn't use an Advent wreath or nativity scene, relax. There is still enough Christmas cheer for everyone. And if you are one of those sweet souls who  cringes at this time of year because of the inevitable religious guilt trips, despair not. True Love isn't about that. Go ahead and keep your personal winter traditions, whatever they are. Let them bind you to your past and comfort you for your present. And everyone come to the lazy W for some hot chocolate by the fire! If this winds ever dies down we will be open for bonfiring business. And Christmas caroling. Because these are some of my traditions.

Live lovingly and 
Wish Me Luck with my Spray Tan!



  1. You know Marie, I was raised Lutheran but don't strictly identify as "Christian" today. However, Christmas, for me, is a time when the Christian and pagan traditions blend almost seamlessly together. Light in the darkness. All the traditions come down to that.

    Merry merry.

    1. EXACTLY. That is what I kept thinking as I wrote this! The Yule log and all... light and cheerfulness in the deadest, darkest time of year. Thanks for articulating that!

      Marry Marry to YOU, ma'am. xoox

  2. I guess I'm very Christian being Catholic and all, but I still being kind to each is what Jesus wanted us to do in the first place. Not being rigid about traditions is a good idea too because then people don't get their feelings hurt. Happy Advent my friend.

    Oh, I wrote about paperwhites today. Remember when we were talking about them on Twitter the other day?~~Dee

    1. Dee, the evolution of faith is a complex conversation for me. I was raised Catholic but left around age 18. But I have to say, I miss the church this time of year, with all of the beautiful ceremony and tradition... So reliable, so solemn and timeless. Really wonderful memories of Our Lady's Cathedral in OKC.
      Happy Advent to you too!! I think it's kind of a woman's touch to be not too rigid, for love's sake.
      I did catch your articles, finally!! Good stuff. My paper whites are growing! : ))

  3. Would love to come to your house for hot chocolate! I'm all about not getting hung up with traditions! :)

    1. Sandy, thanks!! SO glad you stopped by! If you're ever in Oklahoma, come on over. xoxo


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