Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My Angels This Week

Family fun.
Holiday preparations and twinkling lights and hilarious adventures.

Difficult times.


Deepening sadness.
Extreme sensitivity to everything. EVERYTHING.
Unrecognizable personalities.

Reminders and truth.
Sense of purpose restored.

Fun excursions.
Words of encouragement from precious people.
Redemption of love and support.
Fresh air. In every possible way.

   Life this past week or so has been the most roller coaster-ish, melting pot-ish, concentrated human experience-ish as ever I think we have experienced here at the Lazy W. I have to acknowledge that much of our atmosphere has been sort of a manifestation of others' pains, though, and our blessings are still innumerable. Mostly, we are so thankful to be still standing, still whole, still loved and loving at maximum capacity. Handsome and I are keenly aware of the very real loss nearby us, both around the nation and in our families, and so we have a hard time today complaining about anything.

For Handsome, Margi, Marci, and Halee

   I have a few precious friends who have made this week extraordinarily beautiful despite the dark hours. You are angels to me, even though it is not snowing here in Oklahoma quite yet. I love each of you so very much, and I hope you all find the angels you need in tough times, just like I have found you this week.

   Wishing everyone within earshot of this digital Lazy W a very happy, peaceful week preparing for Christmas. Enjoy the process. Be joyful. Water your roots deeply, focusing on love, not money. Treasure each other and make memories.

   Gotta go you guys. I have cookies to bake, sewing to finish, gifts to wrap, and a bed to make for a romantic mid week rendezvous... Merry Christmas!

"We are each of us angels with only one wing
and we can only fly by embracing one another."
~Luciano de Crescenzo


  1. The tragedy in Connecticut has touched us all, my friend. I'm hoping that there has not been any too much closer to your family. I hear good news that the girls are coming sooner rather than later. Enjoy their hugs, their laughter and their quiet times. Stay strong in your love.

    Merry Christmas. My year has been enriched by knowing you.

  2. Hugs to you my friend from across the ocean...and if I don't get to talk to you online before then, Happy Christmas. xoxo (my week, my fortnight, is kicking my butt too)

  3. Oh how I love angels. How I love your list of angels, and your quote about angels at the end. Beautiful post. Now I want to go make cookies too.

  4. Wishing you many angels, forever. Xoxo.


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