Thursday, July 11, 2013

An Ode to Llamas in 12 Lines

I love our llamas so dang much.

They also love each other like crazy.

Llama babies are the cutest. They're called crias. 
Or sweet potato pies.

Llamas are faster than cheetahs who drink espresso.

They stare at you.

Sometimes incessantly, unnervingly.

They are suckers for metal buckets of sweet grain.

Other times they explore dark, mysterious places 
like cracked open barn doors.

Llamas are natural; llamas are good.

Not everybody has 'em...

But everybody should!

I love our llamas so dang much.

Linking up today with the very sweet and clever Mama Kat... enjoying the prompt to write a blog post in just twelve lines.


  1. I started singing the last lines before I even realized that is where you were going with it!!! Awesome llamas!! Love them!!

  2. Very nice. I love that they're called sweet potato pies.

  3. Llamas are natural; llamas are good.
    Not everybody has them; but everybody should.

    Oh, my gosh something in this poetry struck my funny bone and I cannot stop laughing! It couldn't have anything to do with the accompanying photo of the smiling llama with his head slightly tilted at a jaunty angle! This was so fun.

  4. I had no idea llamas were so fast or so cute! Visiting from MamaKat's.

  5. Cute. I suppose yours don't spit, since they know you, as Llama's are reputed to do. (Funniest Home Videos.)

  6. So cute!!! Exactly why do you have llamas (other than the fact that they are so much fun)? Are you going to gather the wool and make us all gorgeous shawls to keep us warm in the winter?

  7. I have a friend who raises llamas, and they are just so, so cuddly looking. I want to have some in my yard. Think anyone would notice?

  8. I love the picture of that little sweet potato pie peeking over his mama's back so dang much!

  9. Love! The photos are wonderful and I loved your 12 lines :)

  10. You need to make this into a children's book! So cute!


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