Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Unsolicited Advice: Marital Edition Part Two,

   Hello again! Thanks so much for all of the sweet happy anniversary wishes and for reading this fun series! Handsome and I surely appreciate it. If you haven't yet seen Part One of Unsolicited Advice: Marital Edition, you can read it here.

   I have another installment for you today, but first, a little comic floating around the internet that pretty well sums things up...

   Right? Perfect bottom line, I think. Solid advice if ever I heard it. Wish I had thought to just say THAT before giving you 24 pieces of advice. : )

   Okay. Part Two. These bits of marital wisdom are not necessarily grouped into themes, but I think it's fun to see some parallels still. Again, we did not consult each other as we wrote.


   He Said:  Love her quirks. These small idiosyncrasies are the things that will bring a smile to your face for the rest of your life.

   She Said:  Take lots of photos, write some journals of your memories, and surround yourselves with those positive, loving, laughter-bringing memories. You might be surprised what you would forget otherwise. And not just the big stuff; take stock of the mundane things too. Not every day has to be a show-stopper. The ordinary days add up, and reflecting on and celebrating them together now and then is wonderful. Later, when crises come (they will), you can take care of business but crave that calm normalcy together. You will know that your foundation is enough. At hectic, stressful times, Handsome and I have often laughed after crying, saying, We just want a quiet day at home with the animals and each other, and a home coked meal, is that so wrong? And in this difficult season without the kids, we have thousands of photos to remind us of what life was like with them. Not that we forget exactly, but sometimes pain and waiting have a way of dulling the old joys. And tactile memories help tremendously.

   He Said:  Get her a car that makes her happy, even if she doesn't task for it. She should ride in style with a smile! Listen, guys, don't put your girl in a minivan and expect her to feel like a sports car...

   She Said:  Learn how to live cheaply. Be the funnest date you can be, while spending the least. Sometimes cash will flow more freely than others, of course, but it's always good to know how to entertain yourselves without a huge monetary sacrifice. It's wonderful to know how to make up games, explore new places, and enjoy all kinds of entertainment on a shoestring. I can honestly say that we have had just as much fun and romance on cheap, spontaneous outings close to home (or at home) than on expensive dates in other cities.

   He Said:  Love her arts, whatever they are... Promote her to do them often, as they make her the woman you fell in love with. This one is so so easy for me, as most of my girl's arts center around her creating a beautiful home, a tasty meal, or fun!

   She Said:  Make regular, enthusiastic attempts to have fun doing stuff that he loves. I know that to some people this sounds old fashioned and cheesy, but it's not. I'm not talking about being a Stepford follower- type wife; I'm talking about legitimately involving yourself in whatever it is that makes this man you LOVE tick. We have made some of our best friends while showing cars, which is something I would probably never think of doing without him. And I have learned a ton of interesting stuff by paying attention when he gets excited about a car or a new project. If instead I left him to his own devices, just sort of dismissed him instead of accepting his welcome into this fun world, then I would miss that expression of little-boy joy he gets on his face when he talks cars. I do not understand the notion of limiting each other just because you don't organically share a passion. Give yourself a chance to see things through his eyes, and do not discourage him.

His first minutes behind the wheel as owner of his Cobra, a lifelong dream.
I will never forget the look on his cute face!


   Okay friends, that's what I have for you today. It's getting close to dinnertime, and I have some big Alfredo-flavored plans. Please feel free to share your own inspired marital advice here or on Facebook or by email! I would love to her what works for other couples.

Love is a Verb


  1. You guys are really cute.

    I'm a big old feminist and I don't think there's anything anti-femmy about taking interest in each other's interests. This is why I know many things about hops and beer and barrel smokers, and Noah knows when Pam Houston has a new book coming out and intricate details about 8 seasons of a show he's never watched.

    (We're not car people but I totally want to ride in a racecar someday)

    Now I just need advice on "how to get your husband to like alfredo" because my marriage depends on it.

    1. OHHH I love it when you comment. Seriously I learn so much.
      And you have reminded me to join in Margi;s hosted convo about Feminism! Oooh la la... juicy topic. "Big old feminist" and "Not anti-femmy" haha Thank you for that!
      I want you to know that is you ever make it to Oklahoma, Handsome will be very happy to take you on a long, fun race car ride on Route 66! Then I will cook you some killer alfredo pasta. Thanks for your perspective, truly.

    2. Alfredo is way to love the way Marie makes it! I hate it everywhere else!!


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