Friday, July 8, 2011

All Systems GO as Early as Possible

   Multitasking is a bizarre challenge for me sometimes.  My easily distracted mind (already filled with imaginary things) cannot always afford to be spread thinly among more than two topics at once.  Handsome is way different.  He is like a high performance engine that can only run well at extremely high RPMs.  By comparison at least, I am much more like a bicycle.  Or a unicycle that can barely keep its balance.

   So all of you fantastic people who can successfully operate eight or nine projects at once are, well, I am sorry, but you are annoying.  No offense.

   That said, when it comes to housekeeping I do find that a quick five or six -point morning routine is effective.  Let's be super cool and call it "All Systems Go."  That makes me feel more like an astronaut, which is AWESOME.

   Pretty much, just identify the major operating systems in your home and layer them in a way that gets it all done efficiently.  Then step back as autopilot and watch it all come together.  Or fall apart, depending on your particular stream of luck that day.

   Around here the systems are:
  • watering grass and gardens
  • laundry and ironing
  • feeding and watering animals
  • tidying up and making comfy spots comfier
  • dishes, food, etc.
  • floors
   Obviously there are details not mentioned here, but these are the different systems.  These are the general types of jobs that can be layered and set in motion, not necessarily tended to minute by minute.  And when I manage to get them all on "Go" early in the morning, the day just seems to unfurl itself so nicely.  And I am more free to swim in imagination. 

   Oh shoot, I forgot "Facebook."  Let's include that too.

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  1. Facebook is its own category, yes? Or maybe we can bucket it with "computer stuff" to make it look like it's productive. Wait, it is!!


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