Friday, July 15, 2011

Romeo and Juliet Revealed

  Exciting Update!!!
Since the last CS installment, I have received an enthusiastic green light
from Romeo & Juliet to share their actual names and faces.
For some reason they still would not give me their Social Security Numbers,
but next time they visit I'll be sure and collect fingerprints.

For now, I am very pleased to introduce to our beloved friends and readers...

Drum roll please...

Josh and Megan!

These are the happy faces we saw that first tense evening.
These are the smiles that have graced our home twice now.
These are the people whose easy friendship we hope to retain for many years.

Thank you for encouraging me to blog
and for letting us share this story, Josh & Megan! 
We think you're the Bee's Knees.


   Where we left off, the evening had drawn to a satisfying close.  I expected to barely sleep that night, despite significant physical exhaustion.  Just a few hours prior I was worried about imminent death or at least failing as hostess to two perfect strangers.  But now we had struck an easy rapport with these fellow planet explorers and had peeled ourselves away with some difficulty so everyone could get a good night's sleep. 

   Handsome and I found our way into bed, stretching and wringing the last bit of energy out of our joints then moaning gratefully into the smooth cotton sheets and pillowcases.  I listened as the farm finished quieting down, counted some of my very favorite blessings, and hoped that Romeo and Juliet were finding their flip out couch comfy enough.
  We were smooching in the dark, long and soft, when I heard it, the second most terrible sound I could have heard at that moment:  Pacino.

   He was belting out several long, panicky, not at all melodious alarms in the living room, clearly confused by and opposed to the fact that our otherwise delightful visitors were spending the night.  In HIS downstairs territory, no less.  It was loud.

   It was very loud.  And off key.

   I was only slightly surprised by his change in mood.  Pacino is, well, about as flaky as a croissant.  And he has little tolerance for things not going his way.  It just so happens that "his way" changed the moment Momma & Daddy turned in for the night, leaving him alone with Romeo & Juliet. 

In retrospect, maybe I shouldn't have shared
with the bird all of my violent knife concerns.

   Anyway, we both laid there in bed, frozen in the moment, knowing for ourselves that it would pass quickly but wondering what type of reaction Pacino's sudden noisy onslaught was garnering from Romeo and Juliet.  Yes, we had sort of warned them he might do this, but so far the macaw had behaved himself.  You might even say he had a little crush on Juliet, and she was super sweet to him as well.  They had just danced the night away.

   Would this noisy fit enrage our guests?  Frighten them?  Hurt their feelings?  Cause them to flee and seek another empty couch for surfing?  Anything was possible. 

   Handsome and I stared at each other in the dark, silently agreeing to wait it out and afford Romeo and Juliet some privacy to deal with it in their own way.  About ninety seconds later, the banshee composed himself for the second time that night.  The farm was again blanketed in heavy silence, and somehow we drifted off to sleep...



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