Friday, July 1, 2011

Just for Today

I will not strike back, even if I am right. 
I will practice peacemaking.

I will be pleasant and presentable
From early morning until late at night.

I will pray for my “enemy.”
I will try to learn something from everyone
Without expecting to learn it all from anyone.

I will have a plan and a program.
I may not follow  it exactly,
But I will strive to be a better steward
Of my time and resources today
Than I was yesterday.

I will count my many blessings.
I will revel in this beautiful life
And continue to hope for tomorrow!!

I will show fearless love!!
I will actively choose to do
The bravest, gentlest, most loving thing.

I will do my best at everything.
I will remember to consider
My signature and my legacy,
As well as my capacity for witnessing.

I will lift someone else’s spirits.
I will exhibit optimism
And walk by faith, not by sight.

I will learn something useful
And strive to make a real difference today
in the lives of those I love.

I will do a good deed in secret.
If I am found out, I will try again.


  1. We really should learn to just try small things, take things day by day. It's the only way to grow. When you take it on yourself to be a better person, making goals for the whole of your lifetime only results in dissapointment. Trying it like this, day by day, is the way to make it a way of life.

    Thanks for the reminder!


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