Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pockets of Joy #1

   A few days ago I stumbled on a lovely and complex blog called  Bohemian Twilight    Soooo worth a steady gaze, especially if you are in need of the creative person's equivalent of a B-12 shot in your upper arm.  Check it out and see for yourself.  I found her through some luscious home interior photos on Pinterest (she has a Tumblr slide show), so you can bet I am already planning on how to gypsify the farm.  PLEASE don't anybody warn Handsome.  Okay?  Okay.  Deal.

Credit for both amazing photographs:
You are welcome for directing you there.

   In addition to the visual feast, this blogger has a lot of wisdom and insight to offer.  Read  her post on anger and the full moon.  Enlightening!

   On Fridays she graciously hosts a link-up where you can share your "Pockets of Joy" for that week.  I groove this.  I warmly welcome the intervalled practice of expressing gratitude and joy for the beauty in a person's life.  We have so much!  And  sometimes intending to just maintain an "attitude of gratitude" can be rather thin and quiet, at least for me.  Sometimes it's nice to share those feelings of bounty.

   So without further ado, my fledgling entry:

1.  Rituals.  Piping hot, strong and rich coffee very early every morning, sweetened with real sugar and real cream.  This (especially the cream) is a luxury item that starts the day off wonderfully.  Showering in the afternoon, right before Handsome arrives home.  Cleaning the kitchen just at sunset.  Locking up the animals as the moon reveals herself.  Braiding my legs together with his while we watch some History channel.  Daily rituals are joyful in their regularity.  They help us keep the pace of home.

2.  Weather.  Oklahoma's extended drought and extreme heat wave have finally come to a close.  At least for now.  This week we have joyfully worked and played in mid-nineties, shade, and even the occassional rain shower.  This is a wonderful refreshment, one we cannot help but celebrate.

3.  Feeding the chickens.  I love delivering kitchen leftovers outside to the chickens and watching them jump and scurry for the best stuff.  I love the way their little talons sound on the gravel paths, the way they skeedaddle and sprint this way and that in feathery bursts of energy.  I have said it before and will say it again:  Letting the chickens go free range in the mornings is the best animal decision we have ever made on this farm.  This week the chickens are enjoying the cooler temps and have been especially joyful.

4.  Speaking of birds, the geese...  They are getting bolder and bolder, waddling up from the pond several times a day now.  I love to be busy indoors doing housework or writing and hear that strange but happy chorus of honking outside the south door.  One goose in particular, Mia, craves human touch all day.  He (Yep, it's a he named Mia; I will have to tell that story soon.) honks until I am seated in the grass then curves his long neck in an inverted bass clef shape and whines while I pet him gently.  Geese are hilarious and affectionate and joyful creatures!

5.  Blogland.  Meeting people through blogging whom I would never have met otherwise, like Keda from South Africa.  Hello there!  Staying warm?  Check out her blog too.  Thorough, sensitive writing, beautiful lifestyle.  Truly.

6.  Health.  This week I am keenly aware of how good our health is and that we should be grateful for that.  We ate lightly, slept well, stayed really active, and enjoyed the myriad benefits of this practice.

7.  Music.  I rediscovered a Carla Bruni album and listened to it three and a half times while plowing through my overflowing ironing basket.  Something about her effervescent sound and her poetry got me thinking about bubbles, circles, fractals, and mandalas, so I detoured from ironing long enough to get these words out of my head.

Whether or not you participate in the Pockets link-up,
I would sure like to hear about your joys this week.
May they be genuine, multiplied, and ever changing.

joy pockets


  1. Gypsifying the farm sounds like fun. Don't worry, I won't breathe a word to Handsome. ;-)

    I love that so much of your joy came from outside. Amazing what happens when the heat finally breaks, isn't it?

    Visiting from Joy Pockets. ;-) Oh, and from your fan club.


  2. Love your Joy Pockets and Welcome ~ I am a fairly new member also ~ have fun 'Gypsifying the Farm' ~ namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor)

  3. Loved hearing about the love hungry boy goose named Mia! And I do enjoy Carla Bruni as well :). Happy weekend to you!!

  4. Welcome to Joy Pockets - we kept chickens as a child and I loved feeding them...that and collecting the eggs of course. Loved reading your rituals and hear you on the weather...I love weather but don`t get too much in the summer as it`s mostly just hot and sunny but I miss the rain! Have a great weekend!

  5. ooh coffee with cream in the morning...most definately a joy! So important to be aware and grateful of good health too, and not to take it for granted, i have to remind myself of that too! Nice to 'meet' you! Welcome to joy pockets. x

  6. what kind words, and how nice to be reminded of such forgotten beautiful photos! lol

    thoroughly enjoyed your pockets. can a pick a fave? let's see....
    the braiding of the legs i think. simple raw romance.

  7. I never knew that about geese! What a great fact, I would never have guessed that they were so affectionate and friendly.

  8. "They help us keep the pace of home" - beautifully put! My fave ritual is getting up early to write while the rest of the world is still waking up.

    I haven't been around geese very much, but I knew a turkey when I was a kid who liked to sit on laps and be petted like a cat! His name was, of course, Tom Turkey :)

  9. amen to the coffee. one of my daily joys!

  10. Welcome to joy pockets! They do become addictive..

    I love rituals too. They really make my day. Love the braiding of the legs one. So sweet!


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