Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Potatoes A La Pinterest

   I was admittedly in a baked potato rut.  Since disovering the microwave method, seriously, there is nothing easier.  It's nutritious, delicious, and easy.  And fast.

   But like I said, rut.  Then I was browsing my fave new eye candy site and discovered a brand new possibility.

   The visual got me first, becuase all things neatly fanned and buttered are on my culinary bucket list.  What about you?  Then the method convinced me to try it, and I am soooooo doing it again.  Here's a proper online recipe, because I don't groove writing such things.

   Personal advice:  In lieu of using the called-for butter pats and garlic cloves, I melted a whole stick of butter and seasoned that with some stuff I like (garlic salt, black pepper, and crushed red pepper).  I poured the melted, seasoned butter over the prepped potatoes and had PLENTY left over to use on some yellow squash that needed some yummy lovin and was destined for the grill.

   Almost Failed:  Accustomed to quicker (lazier) techniques, I did not budget quite enough time to achieve the advertised crispy outside-tender inside just using the oven.  So I had to zap the still too firm spuds in the microwave just as our steaks were finishing on the grill.

   Handsome's Verdict:  He liked it.  I don't think he loved it, but he liked it, and he is no longer in the business of bluffing me out on recipes to keep from hurting my feelings.  This means we'll have it again, but not necessarily on extremely special days.

When my Grandpa Dunaway was alive,
he used to talk about growing potatoes.

He said the harvest it was so exciting. 
Sometimes they would be quarter-sized,
sometimes nickle-sized spuds. 
The rest were just small potatoes.

Now my Dad repeats this family legend,
and I crack up every time I think of it.
Love you Dad. 


  1. I heart potatoes in any way. Butter, garlic, pepper? I'm yours, baby!

  2. potatoes are not really in my food vocab any more (carbs!!) but the Mr would enjoy these. i love garlic on most things....


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