Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pinning Myself Down

   This week Mama Kat is an enabler. She invited us to share our most recent Pinterest additions, despite the fact that we all have more than enough good ideas to fill our days already. Following are some of the pins I can't stop looking at, really. These, besides the perfect thighs and abs photos, are what motivate me the most lately.

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This is one of the most brilliant ideas I have ever seen in my life.
This is a trick for adding seam allowances while cutting fabric.
With a sewing day slated, I can't wait to try this!

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This speaks to me big time right now, because I love Diet Coke.
But I also love to be healthy and lose a little, umm, fluffiness.
Trying hard to err on the side of hydration, ladies. Trying hard.

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Let me explain why this garden photo is so great.
Not just because of its colors, textures, and variety,
but also because it was cultivated by a home gardener.
She did it on a shoestring budget, with reclaimed living materials, 
all over a long period of time, using her skills and imagination.
It was not installed in one weekend with a ridiculous budget.
Those garden makeovers on TV make me a little bit crazy. Do they you?
Anyway, this border evolved and filled in beautifully, don't you think?
P.S. Fennel and Fern is one of my newest favorite blogs. 
It is chock full of green thumb ideas,
intensive programs to improve your skills, just tons of info.
I've added them to my stalking list; check em out now and then!

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This room is just about the perfect inspiration for our dining room, 
and I feel like it is going to happen pretty soon. As in, before Easter.
Isn't it pretty how the charcoal walls look with gold paint accents and wood grain? 
To make this extra special, the house featured here is a cottage 
surrounded by prairie land and horse paths. Sorta like us.

Pinned Image

And this? Well, this pretty much sums things up for me right now.
And I couldn't be happier.


Mama's Losin' It


  1. This is marvelous. Checking out the gardening blog after this, and I found some inspiration for our dining room as well. Many thanks and happy-beautifying to you!

  2. I've only recently joined the Pin addiction and I'm in full bore! I've already completed two crafts with my daughter that I pinned last week and I've made out my grocery list for the weekend based on some food pins I found. The sewing tip and gardening space are beautiful! My boyfriend has already stripped down the kitchen table and is in the middle of antiquing it. I'd say Pinterest has fully infiltrated us!

  3. Hey girl, I've been away visiting my sister on the East Coast of Canada and have missed reading your blog. Haven't had time to pin much lately either.
    Love the sewing tip and the motto about living life beautifully.
    We've been enjoying wonderful weather here and I was outside stalking the garden, thinking of how you get to do it every day.

  4. I do love that room, and I especially like that the things in it are not cookie-cutter matching. Fabulous.

    Oh, and Pinterest? All sorts of good and yet another way I get distracted from doing the stuff I should be doing, but would rather not.

  5. Great pins...I LOVE that dinning room! I think I will also try to make all things beautiful around me..what a great positive message!

  6. I don't understand Pinterest and it's not really on my list of things to learn right now, but these are some gorgeous things you've culled. That garden! That is my dream garden. It looks like a Seattle garden with the lavender and opulence. I will also have to remember the seam allowance trick. So brilliant in its simple ingenuity! Thanks for sharing these lovelies with us.

  7. That coke picture? That's nothing but a bunch of lies!!! As "crunchy" as we are around these parts, I won't quit my diet coke. Now, I'd love to see those pins put into action (except the diet coke thing, girl please.)

  8. I'm so going to pin that dining room table. My family loves to chat around the table. kaye—the road goes ever ever on

  9. I'm with Tangled Lou. I don't totally get it, and don't want to right now. But your pins are pretty cool!


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