Thursday, February 9, 2012

Waning Moon till Feb 22

   In this part of the world we had a Full Moon on Tuesday. That ended the most recent waxing phase of the moon and set us gently into February's waning phase, which will last until the New Moon on February 21st. So for the next thirteen days (I am writing this a bit late) we are poised for a list of gardening chores that should really give us a good head start on the growing season! Interested? Cool beans.

   To review, the waning phase is when the moon is receding in fullness. This is when she is figuratively dormant or barren, lending energy to underground tasks, decay-related work, and bulbs and roots.

   In Oklahoma, we have a forecast of big winter weather this weekend, possibly a blizzard. So the confluence of a waning moon and the soon-coming need to hunker down clearly outlines my work for today and tomorrow. It's funny how nature cooperates with herself, eh? This is what I need to be doing instead of reading and writing:

  • Clean water troughs and chicken pond. Refill all before freeze hits.
  • Clean chicken coop and replace shred, etc.
  • Scoop manure from fields for bagging and composting.*
  • Remove weeds and remaining dead tomato plants from flower beds.
  • Plant last minute daffodil bulbs.
  • Continue filling raised beds, lasagna-style.
  • Groom horses and make sure they're warm.
  • Refill wild bird feeders.
  • If you're brave enough, you might plant perennials & potatoes now, but it's a bit too frosty here still.
   Once the waning work is done, this is one of the best times of the month to daydream and plan. Visualize your dream garden and put pen to paper. Order your seeds while they're cheap and then turn back to the housework, because pretty soon it's gonna be all about the garden again. Basically, I think for the waning moon you just focus on the words "dormant" and "underground." Soil amendment, weed removal, animal nurturing, preventative maintenance... All those things which speak to you of closeness, quietness, and protectiveness, this is what to do until February 21st. Then, with the New Moon, we get to focus again on construction and creativity and above ground beauty! 
   Working in patterns and cycles like this is right up my alley. I feel so optimistic about the growing season this year! Are you a lunar experimenter too? I would so love to hear your ideas and advice. 

Trust Nature. 
Work Hard. 
Enjoy Your Days.

*Incidentally, if anyone who is more or less local wants some excellent composting material, we have it! Organic, locally sourced, well rotted manure from chickens, horses, and buffalo ready to either spread or decompose at will. It's especially great if you making your own soil.


  1. Thanks for the explanation, Marie. So I'm off to do some housework while the moon is waning. Right. Do you believe that? I don't since it's 10:00 AM and the only thing I've done so far is put a load of laundry in and make the bed. And blog and read blogs, and comment, and blog some more.

  2. an exciting cycle ahead now that you're following the moon phases. i'll live my gardening dreams vicariously through you. ;)

    1. I am REALLY excited, Monica! Please feel free to scatter bits of advice, I know you've done it this way before. : )

  3. trust nature... how very often we forget to do that. in fact our whole world is based on the fact that we don't trust.
    I trust that your endeavors paid off (or will).


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