Tuesday, March 6, 2012

5 Senses Tour as Spring Warms Up

   In Oklahoma, we feel like Mother Nature has most likely abandoned winter, which was wonderfully manageable this year anyway. While I am in shock that the first week of March is already here, all the excitement of early spring keeps me from doing the normal where did time go?! dance of panic and self denigration. The fruit trees and saucer magnolias are quietly budding; the daffodils are providing strong shots of neon yellow in every hidden corner; and the chickens and four leggeds are steeped in romance, if ya know what I mean. Wink-wink!

   Today is Tuesday. I have a long list of chores to finish and an even longer list of blog posts I've been intending to write, but only the standard number of hours in the day. So in the mean time here's a little Five Senses Tour.


Hearing: Wind. Strong, familiar, almost violent wind whipping us silly from every single direction, several times a minute. This is in stark contrast to the calm, idyllic days we've been noticing lately, but now noticing the wind isn't a complaint. We're really used to it. It's how we all know we're home. Today the wind is so strong that even the guineas have found shelter and are keeping quiet. No television, no music, no people talking here at the farm, just the clackety clack of my keyboard, the hum of the CPU, and the incredible, four corners of the globe Oklahoma wind. Wait, I also hear Mia honking for love.

How cute is this?? #OkieLove

Seeing: I am anxious to finish the book Game Change ahead of the HBO movie which airs this weekend. Also seeing all the quiet, sneaky details of early springtime all around us.

Smelling: Coconut candle given to me by Rose, clean hair, the end of my last cup of coffee, and new perfume.

Tasting: *Imaginary* fresh local honey! Yesterday I received the very happy news that we are signed up for a beekeeping class later this month! More on this when it's not Five Senses Day, but for now, pretend with me that you have just collected honey manufactured by your own fuzzy little bees, unprocessed, raw, perfect, molten-lava honey. Bliss...

Feeling: Running and exercising in new tennis shoes rather than bare feet. Umm, yes. Weird-feeling. But I think this is a good move. Also feeling the belly button suspense that precedes a heavy storm.

Thinking: About the choices we have between hope and despair. About the power of Love and trusting Him. Romans 8:28; I Corinthians 1:23-24

Planning: To rearrange the downstairs furniture in order to welcome a new couch tonight. Also planning to clean up this cool old bicycle that M Half and I extricated from the Pine forest yesterday.

Praying: For Jocelyn and Jessica. That they continue to thrive, that they feel our love, that the gap between us closes in the right ways, at the right time.  For my sister Angela and her children. For my husband's sister Tyrene and her family.

This was the first glimpse of a special sunset we caught over the weekend.

Yes, I know that is more than five senses. 
But it's still far less than what 
we are able to perceive when quieted.
Live fully today.

5 senses tour


  1. Beautiful. I'm so glad that one of my senses is "seeing" your post.
    Have a great day

    And what were you doing running in bare feet anyways?

    1. Hello lovely Heather... I always love it when you comment. Really enjoying your recipes, by the way, I am collecting them. As for the bare feet, it has just been a result of laziness. Being remedied now. LOL

  2. yep, we get the strong winds here. destroyed the girl's large trampoline last Summer. if it doesn't weight a tonne or isn't glued down, it doesn't stay out.

    i would love a coconut candle, i think.

    husband's uncle is a beekeeper, and we brought back two enormous jars of the stuff on our last visit. it feels good just to eat something you know 100% is pure.

    enjoyed these!

    1. Hi Monica!! Thanks for reading my 5 senses, your little meme has turned out to be not only the most pleasurable but also the most useful one I've so far discovered. So glad to have found it. Local raw honey is the best, my great grandfather kept bees too so we grew up on it. Never had an allergy to anything, and I wonder if that's why... Have a fantastic day!

  3. Hi, Marie! Beautiful post. Thanks for including the link to Rose. I found Rose and then Laura through her comments. So glad to have connected with two more ladies from our lunch!

    1. Hi Sonya! Thanks for reading AND thanks for the reminder, LOL... I am sending some links out to everyone. : )

  4. I get absolutely giddy when I see you've posted a 5 Senses Tour! I just luxuriate in them and you describe everything so well that I can sit and smell and taste and feel everything. Thank you for these lovely windows on your beautiful world!

    1. Hey there Ms. Blurter! Thank you for stopping by. One of these Five Senses Tuesdays I'll make hot dog water tea in your honor. LOL Have an awesome day!

  5. great tour, I would love to see your refurbished bicycle. There is actually a place in South Africa that sells refurbished bicycles, starting at R3500 (about $450-500, depending on the exchange rate). Would love to own one one day. The bicycles these days are just not as ... pretty?!

    1. Hey Nadya!! I know, I am usually drawn to a different era in terms of design, I guess a lot of people are. Not sure if this particular bike is worth refurbishing, but I might hang it over our kitchen door (outside) for a morning glory vine trellis or something. Thanks for stopping in!! xoxo

  6. Interesting blog, but we could do without the prayers and the Bible verses. Shouldn't those things be kept private?

    1. Hi! Thanks so much for visiting, sorry if my occasional mention of prayers and Bible verses is offensive to you (or boring maybe?). But for me it's part of the big picture, just part of my story. I try not to preach or brow beat, just express what's going on in my life.

      Take care, have a good day! : )

    2. Absolutely Lazyw! Be who you are! There are enough places in this world where people try to control faith. A personal blog is not one where they can succeed unless you bend to it. Your blog will be better for staying true to who you are!


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