Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Things I Forgot to Tell You Guys

  • Last week M Half and I got lost in the adjacent Pine forest. (It was fairly nightmarish and a full story is coming soon.) Then this past Monday we reentered said forest to unearth an old rusty bike and take some photos of the path of our original trek. Because we're cool. That made twice that we made it through the Pine forest alive.
  • This past Saturday I hosted eight other Oklahoma bloggers at the farm. They made a huge, lasting impression on me and, big surprise, a blog post is coming soon. I have delayed it only because I wanted to do it right. These women are wonderful.
  • A few mornings ago Mia the gander joined Handsome and me for  Hot Tub Summit. What that means is that he actually got into the very warm water with us. I was a nervous wreck because I have never literally cooked a goose before and was unclear as to the required water temperature. I mean, for an egg it can be considerably cooler than for a chicken, so... Anyway, Mia is totally fine but the hot tub needed cleaning immediately thereafter.

  • My two daughters and my nephew are stair step ages, once upon a time ages 1, 2, & 3. Now they are 14, 15, & 16. Takes my breath away. Hope is swelling, though. Please continue to pray for these three incredible young people. Thanks. xoxo
  • My mother in law recently gave me four brand new apron patterns that are begging to be cut and served with luscious scrap fabrics. I occasionally sew and sell aprons and towels and such, so if you have a hankerin to add some textiles to your kitchen, drop me a line! 

  • Our chickens are laying regularly now, which is just plain thrilling. A Vietnamese woman who came to buy a sleeper sofa from us asked if I sell them. I said no but gave her a dozen because I had refused to barter more on the price of the sofa. This totally assuaged my faint guilt.
  • To my eternal shock and awe, our fruit trees are alive. Yay!
  • Handsome and I are shopping online tonight for furniture to go in our green room, where we watch t.v. and play games if friends are here etc. This is where a relationship shows its true colors, folks. To illustrate, here is what I think we need, in duplicate:

Regarding photo source here, 
Pinterest is leading me on a wild goose chase.
The best I can summon is designer Kelly Wearstler.
Or possibly Country Living.

  • Seventeen days until the beekeeping class! Woohoo! I get to bring one person with me. Raise your hand if you're surprised Handsome isn't that interested in going.
  • Tomorrow is my thirty-eighth birthday. Aside from being spoiled rotten by my husband, I just feel so happy. Life has reached this glowing, vibrant, wide-view chapter. The problems we have are in pretty solid perspective, we are blessed beyond what we deserve, and our hearts are brimming with hope. 
Talk to you Guys Tomorrow!
I Might Be the Luckiest Girl Ever.


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