Saturday, March 24, 2012

Short & Sweet

   Today is beekeeping class you guys. Did anyone remember? I woke up in the dark with that Christmas morning conviction, that bewilderment that no one else as awake yet!
   I am drinking large amounts of coffee and wearing a little too much mascara. I am also wearing a necklace which I believe will enhance my beekeeping skills; Handsome thinks it could cause the bees to attack me. Oh, he just magic-markered a cute little bee on my shoulder (so that I have the creature's totem powers in class today). And I am so excited that my friend Tracy is joining me!

   Thank you a ton for stopping in at the Lazy W this morning... I have things to say to each of you who has commented recently, and I have more stories to share too (about the Wreck, about the spring chicks that are trying to hatch and the gardens, about Oklahoma, about smart energy...). We have a full weekend ahead of us here.  I hope you all enjoy this gorgeous Saturday, where ever you are and what ever is on your plate!  

  It's time for me to scoot. I have a little drive ahead of me and lots of bee things to learn! Wait, should I wear my dirty rubber boots, or clean tennis shoes?



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