Thursday, March 8, 2012

Quiet Beauty Abounds

I went on a short walk through the forest today, after all the work was done, between luxurious bursts of cold rain, and was overwhelmed by the quiet beauty there. The earth was spongy. The trees were soaked, leaves dripping and limbs nearly black. The breeze sent this fresh, ozone like fragrance through every open air space. Deer paths were easier to find today too.

Nothing fought for my attention. I just walked and admired and said inward thanks for everything that thrives without our "help."

God is so good. In the dark of a deciduous grove just around the corner from Yoga Meadow, I discovered three different flowering trees. They glowed against the pine trees and dormant blackjacks. I couldn't resist bringing home enough branches to fill one vase.

Then I circled the grove once more, then the meadow, then home where the horses welcomed me with that weird attitude of indignation they have anytime we leave.

I hope you have time to go quietly absorb some natural beauty today. What you find today might be fleeting.


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  1. No time for nature today. But I did enjoy reading your little sojourn. Tomorrow we are getting snow - but the weekend looks promising for some outside time.


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