Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Roses After the Rain

   This fire-and-ice rose bush was one of the first gifts Handsome ever gave me, before we were married. It's been through many transplants and lots of extreme weather over the years. I am so happy to see it bursting with fresh new blooms today!

   Plus I just got Instagram for Android, so... this is just about the funnest thing ever. I may never use a real camera again.

Fire and Ice...
Kind of Like Romance ...

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  1. instagram is my lovah! My Husband makes fun of me because of it, BUT he just got it for his phone as well. ;)

  2. My daughter keeps telling me I need Instagram. Haven't got it yet. How can I possibly add ONE MORE THING to my to-do list? Ever feel that way? Your roses are beautiful. I'm afraid we just killed two rose bushes a few weeks ago. They had to be moved...but I'm afraid they're goners. Makes me so sad because they were really pretty! Wishing you a Wonderful Easter, Marie!


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