Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Things That Make Me "Cuhressy Bones"

   Apart from the big stuff, the unanswered problems and heartaches in life that underscore joy and around which we work constantly, there are some common things that drive me absolutely crazy. Out of my mind. Way past calm and pleasant. Dangerously close to a real emotional deficit. Do we have any of these button pushers in common? Let's see...

  • Having dirty floors.
  • That tangle in the back and bottom of my hair after wearing a ponytail or messy bun outside or in bed too long.
  • Running out of exactly two crucial things between big trips to the store.
  • Lacking the willpower or creativity to work around those needs and spending an hour in the car to go buy those two crucial things.
  • Having seventeen and a half blog posts written but zero polished and ready to share.
  • Going through the motions with the animals and forgetting to slow down and enjoy them.
  • Returning books to the library late despite my eight million warnings and reminders to myself.
  • Looking through dirty windows.
  • Opening a bottle of dried spices and shaking them into a pot then realizing it's supposed to be a flip top canister, not a screw top, and suddenly I have six Tablespoons of oregano and basil in the spaghetti sauce instead of a couple of teaspoons.
  • Composing a note to someone in my head while my hands are busy then when I see them realizing I never actually sent it.
  • Forgetting a load of clean laundry in the dryer so long it gets wrinkly.
  • Having a dirty car.
  • Constantly misspelling the word "from." 
  • Forgetting romaine or any other type of lettuce in the crisper drawer. WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING?
  • Forgetting to wear deodorant on only one side.

   The bad news is that these things make regular appearances in my life. And like the pebble in the shoe of a mountain climber, the little things wear me down sometimes more than the big things. 

   The good news is that they are all in my control. I have the power to clean the dirty stuff, manage my time better, and for gosh sake's try a french braid and leave in conditioner now and then! So do you. I bet most of the things that make your "cuhressy bones" can be mitigated by noone other than little ole you.

   So best wishes. Take the reins in your life, even if it only starts with a better perspective. And please check your lettuce drawer today.

Get a grip woman! You're losin' it.


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