Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Be Part of Savanna's Good News Today

   Good Tuesday morning to ya! Perhaps you have a lot on your plate today, or perhaps you aren't sure yet what the day holds. Maybe you need prayers said on your behalf. (If so, please leave that in the comments!) Whatever your'e doing, whatever your schedule or your worries, please take some time now and throughout the day to say prayers for Savanna and her family. Think positive thoughts, send Care Bear Stares, simply draw on every healing balm in your soul and believe with us that God is good and He wants her to enjoy her complete healing.

   Most of you either know this gorgeous child and her wonderful parents personally or remember our urgent prayer requests back in March. Savanna was accidentally hit by a bullet in her forehead and, of course, suffered severe brain injuries. But not only did she survive; she has far surpassed all of the doctors' expectations and has been healing beautifully week after week. She has even been living at home, months ahead of schedule, only visiting the physical therapist on an out-patient basis! She can feed herself. She talks, laughs, and draws. She knows everyone. She is a wonder. The family has experienced one miracle after another in every way that they might need in such a horrific accident, and today we are expecting more.

   Very early this morning Savanna and her family drove to Oklahoma City and now are in the hospital again to have the bone replaced at the front of her brain, where it had been left off for healing and access.  The surgery is scheduled for 9:00 CST, so prayers leading up to that time and following are needed and appreciated.

   Thank you, friends! I know everyone who reads this little blog is good hearted, loving, and powerful. God is good. I may not understand everything about religion or His will or how some prayers are answered, but I know without any doubt how much He loves to heal and protect children. We've seen it so much. I am thankful ahead of time for what He's doing for this beautiful young lady!

Anticipating Miracles...


  1. Sending lots of healing vibes, light, and love.

  2. Warm thoughts, prayers of strength and hugs coming your way, my friend.

  3. Sending up prayers for this beautiful child.

  4. Lord Jesus, may you place your healing hands on this precious child and give your peace to her and those who know and love her. May your Holy Spirit be strong in her and may you use her life for Your glory.

  5. Hello ladies...Savanna's Mom has happily shared REALLY good news! The surgery not only went perfectly well; she is also awake and talking already! They are in recovery and expect to go home in the next 3 or 4 days. Amazing. Thank you for your prayers! xoxo

  6. Yay! Just saw this, but so glad to hear she's doing well. Had just been wondering in the last few days how she's doing. What an awesome report! :)

  7. I did read this when it was posted, but I see I did not comment: My love and CB stare goes out to the family. I hope all went well and the future will be bright and sunny for this little girl.


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