Thursday, June 28, 2012

I Have Some Questions. Ten of Them.

   Any input you have for any of these will be greatly appreciated. I am feeling kind of bad tonight, possibly heat stroke, and so writing this and asking for your brilliant, witty input is a heckuva lot more entertaining than researching this stuff on my own. Let's hit it.

  1. What is the average number of books a woman reads in her life time? How about a man? Feel free to apply any demographic you find interesting.
  2. Why oh why do the alligator hunting Swamp People never wear gloves while gripping those wire fishing lines? Drives me crazy.
  3. Do you think it's true that people now have multiple life crises, once known as a mid-life crisis?
  4. Is diet cola really, really bad for you? I mean, really?
  5. Why do you think Americans choose not to vote? 
  6. How many weeks until NBA season again?
  7. Is it even legal to shoot and kill a wild alligator in Oklahoma? Because apparently we have them.
  8. Does my buffalo understand me?
  9. What are the statistical odds that my freakishly Jurassic (and not to mention gorgeous) watermelon vines will produce enough ripe, juicy fruit to us to retire at the end of this summer?
  10. I would love to meet more authors. Do you have any suggestions?
   Sweet dreams, folks. I am under loving quarantine from Handsome. Looking forward to some fascinating answers tomorrow, because you guys are so smart and funny!!!

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