Thursday, June 28, 2012

I Have Some Questions. Ten of Them.

   Any input you have for any of these will be greatly appreciated. I am feeling kind of bad tonight, possibly heat stroke, and so writing this and asking for your brilliant, witty input is a heckuva lot more entertaining than researching this stuff on my own. Let's hit it.

  1. What is the average number of books a woman reads in her life time? How about a man? Feel free to apply any demographic you find interesting.
  2. Why oh why do the alligator hunting Swamp People never wear gloves while gripping those wire fishing lines? Drives me crazy.
  3. Do you think it's true that people now have multiple life crises, once known as a mid-life crisis?
  4. Is diet cola really, really bad for you? I mean, really?
  5. Why do you think Americans choose not to vote? 
  6. How many weeks until NBA season again?
  7. Is it even legal to shoot and kill a wild alligator in Oklahoma? Because apparently we have them.
  8. Does my buffalo understand me?
  9. What are the statistical odds that my freakishly Jurassic (and not to mention gorgeous) watermelon vines will produce enough ripe, juicy fruit to us to retire at the end of this summer?
  10. I would love to meet more authors. Do you have any suggestions?
   Sweet dreams, folks. I am under loving quarantine from Handsome. Looking forward to some fascinating answers tomorrow, because you guys are so smart and funny!!!

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  1. 1. Well, my husband has read about 20 books in his life. I have about 800 books in my library, plus the almost 1k I have given away, plus I have read all the Nancy Drews, Famous Fives and Secret Sevens. Then there were the children's books I read, the library books, the Afrikaans books... Do comic books count. All in all, I think women read more than men, but then there is my brother who keeps up with me most days. So I think I have read about 20 gazillion books, my husband has read about 0.1% of that amount and that percentage will probably stay. My brother is probably almost with me since we had Guppy. SO, in conclusion, I have no frikkin idea. I am willing to bet though that male siblings will read about 80% as much as the female in question, and male husbands will read anywhere between 1 and 20% as much as the women they are married to. Then there are the exceptions :) And I would like to quote that apparently around 65% of the world is literate, of these "literates", only about 5% read regularly and out of choice (as in for fun, not because they are expected to).

    2. Shortcuts. People love them. And the safety items for any job are always required when in training, but when training has been completed, they are almost always discarded.

    3. I think it is true now. Mostly because of changes in our world. It was probably true during the move to the industrial age, the information age, middle age, renaissance.... each movement brings about changes which brings about insecurities, and those more set in their ways (older) are usually the most affected. And in our age that favours the young, it is obvious that the crisis' starts to affect us earlier and earlier.

    4. Yes. The substitute sugar is really REALLY damaging to your health.

    5. Because they feel it does not help either way; Basically, they have lost faith in the power of their vote.

    6. No idea.

    7. No idea.

    8. Yes. The words, but also the feelings, body language and thoughts that move through your eyes and hands. Apparently my cats speak the same language.

    9. Retire? Not very good. Have an enjoyable summer with some unexpected wealth? Very much in your favour.

    10. All my fav authors are English, American or Indian. So, unfortunately, not.

    Nice talking to you! ;)

  2. Hoep you are feeling better this morning. Okay here are some of my answers:

    1) Woman - 250, Man - 2

    2) Their hands are probably made of leather at this point in their lives. After all, a chef can pick up a hot pan without burning himself too much.

    3) Yep - and I also believe that people all make one fatal mistake in their lives that change it forever (divorce, quitting a good job, etc.)

    4) I hope not!! And if it is, I figure there are a lot of other things that will kill me first - bacon, eggs, coffee, breathing.

    5) We have the same problem in Canada - I think it's because no matter who we vote for the problems don't really get fixed. Sad.

    6) Don't know, don't really care (sorry I know your life is revolving around the Thunder right now).

    7) Legal or not, if I was threatened by an alligator I would shoot it (if I had a gun which I don't and never will)

    8) Absolutely. Perhaps not each individual word, but the tone - just like a dog or cat. Or did you mean on a deeper level of understanding - does he "get" you? Probably not. He probably thinks to himself "what does that blonde thing on two legs do all day?"

    9) Probably 0-2% chance, but you may be swallowed up by them when you are weeding - so be careful. I have a pumpkin plant which is taking over the yard - grows about 1 foot per day.

    10) Hang out at book fairs, stalk publishing offices, write a book yourself.

    That was fun. Thanks and have a great weekend my friend.

  3. 1. My girl kitty wasn't much of a reader, but mah boys are always in a book.
    2. Really? Swamp people, that's why.
    3. Since I've had at least 2 in my 30(mumble) years of life, yes.
    4. YES! Perhaps that's why you're not feeling so hot? Just puttin' it out there.
    5. There's not enough room in this comment box. But my guess, from 30,000 ft, is that people don't think they can make a difference. Things like "I live in a state/jurisdiction whose overall politics conflict with my own."
    6. Basketball? Psh. I'm counting the weeks until the 2012 NFL season starts (5 to preseason, 9 to the regular season). Bring on the Manning!
    7. Probably.
    8. Chunk-Hi probably understands you better than anyone else. He and Handsome have chats to catch each other up on the latest, I'm sure of it.
    9. Depends on the color of your sky today.
    10. I'm going with Heather on this one. Find an indie bookstore to hang out in. Find local authors, write a book yourself, talk to that Infinite Pest out in LA and see what ideas she has. ;-)

  4. I'm late here, Marie, forgive me. (No internet!) As to number one: when I worked at a bookstore, the majority of employees were female and the majority of customers were female as well. I also happen to know that more romance novels are sold every year than every other genre of paperback put together. I don't read romance myself, (ok, I did once) but I don't begrudge anyone their light-hearted pleasures. It would be a boring earth if we all read only Pynchon and Mailer. A mean and brutal one, too.

    My father reads voraciously like me, my mother not at all. I read volumes more than my husband, who does enjoy reading himself.

    I believe very truly that animals may not understand our exact words, but they register our energies and intentions with more clarity than most people can.

    10. Write letters or emails to them telling them you enjoyed the book. (Perhaps you already do). The first time I tried this, the author happened to be in town and invited me to join her and a few friends at dinner. I was too young and too chicken to go. It was Rita Golden Gelman, who wrote Tales of A Female Nomad. Wonderful book.


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