Monday, June 3, 2013

I Love Having a Husband Who... dressed up all handsome and sharp for church and still spontaneously walks through damp grass to check on my turtle, give him extra water, and pull his terrarium to the shade. running a fever and battling a ferocious headache yet still musters the strength to work half a day chainsawing fallen trees, repairing buffalo fence, and patching a chicken coop after storms.

...would not hurt his Dad's feelings for all the Baskin Robbins peanut-butter ice cream in the world.

...prizes truth over tradition and joy over drama.

...has a way of making every one of his employees feel like a valued team member... maximized, appreciated, supported, and propelled into more than any lesser leader would dare dream.

...brags openly about my home-cookin' but when we are alone on the weekend begs me to get take out so I am not away from him for hours in the kitchen. He would rather cuddle when possible. Unless the menu is Alfredo pizza or fish tacos. The cuddlin' can wait just a little while.

...can make me laugh so hard when I feel like crying.

...hates to read books but supports my feverish bibliophilia and also makes generous space in our life for Dinner Club With a Reading Problem.

...has little personal interest in small scale gardening (his family is more into farming) but will happily spend an entire weekend building me fences, raised beds, trellises, canopies, and anything else I am foolish enough to mention off-handedly.

...and can grow an indoor plant like nobody's business.

...can shift smoothly from consummate professional to affectionate husband then to strong, capable animal tender and back to affectionate husband again. In a blink, no problem.

...collects childhood toys shamelessly.

...and also freely admits to having an insatiable appetite for buying and selling interesting cars.

...teaches our adult Sunday school class, infusing it with historical scope, reasonable thinking, and intelligence.

...begs me to write a book, just a fun story, so we can get rich and retire at the beach. The fact that he believes I can do it is terrifying but wonderful. to be an antisocial person but loves our friends as much as I do and is actually the life of every party we throw.

...happily encourages me to open the farm for visitors... for an hour, for a night, for a week.

...knows every bird at the Lazy W by name and personality.

...loves our baby llama just like a first time Daddy. She loves him back, too. This all breaks my heart in unexpected ways.

...looks at me in ways that make me want to protect him from the world then holds me in ways that make me know I am protected forever. the smartest, most ambitious and capable man I have ever met or heard of.

...endures my petty female jealousies.

...then flirts deliciously with women but never makes me fear for his loyalty.

...and then endures my petty punishments.

...and is ferociously protective of me if he thinks I am being flirted with.

   Mostly I am just so thankful to have this man love me. The longer I know him, the more we experience together and learn, and the better I see him for who he is in the context of this complicated world... the more I am in awe. Whether we are facing tornadoes and hail or the equally destructive storms of life and relationships, I know I am safe with him. I know that together we can accomplish pretty much anything and enjoy pretty much all the world has to offer.

   I love you, sir. So much. You deserve the best and a million dreams come true. Happy Monday.

Always, Now, and Forever.


  1. Wow babe. You yet again bring tears to my eyes with your beautiful words and sentiments. You are the light of my life. You make every day worth living and every minute away from home seem like hours.
    I can't wait to get back to your arms!

  2. Aww, what a lovely post Marie. You've got a keeper there! xo


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