Thursday, June 13, 2013

Zucchini Secret Service

   Last night as the sun was sliding downhill, past the pond and behind where the coyotes lurk, I went to the garden to check our squash vines. Given the war I recently waged against the cabbage pests, I've been fully expecting to one day discover thousands of those flat, grey squash bugs devouring my third most favorite crop.

   Side note: I like to use the word "crop" when referring to my garden, even though all it really amounts to is "a few plants we eat."

   Anyway, imagine my surprise and delight to see not only this...

I <heart> zuchinni.

   ...a beautiful early crop of firm, bright zucchini, but also this:

I <heart> frogs to a slightly lesser degree. But I love that they eat bugs!

   ...two tiny green tree frogs!! And not a squash bug in sight.

   Dare I believe that these dime-sized creatures are eating the insects? Dare I hope to have a zucchini bumper crop this summer?

   Dare I stuck my arm in that thick vine forest to harvest said crop, knowing that frogs are nearby and might jump on me?

   I would honestly rather deal with the buffalo.

Chunk-hi, our four year old buffalo bull. We <heart> him completely.

   Happy gardening, friends!!

Frogs are scary, mmm-k???


  1. Okay, you're not afraid of a big huge buffalo. But you're afraid of two tiny cute little frogs? Me thinks you are a bit off kilter, my friend.

    Guess that's why I love ya!

  2. Yes, beware the dangers of those giant killer frogs!!!

  3. Such a delightful post. I love the 'crop' usage. Perfect. And I like both the frogs and the buffalo!


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