Saturday, August 18, 2012

Waxing Moon for August 2012: Gardening Plan

   What's up, you guys? How grow your gardens? Is there anything left, or are you all crunchy and crispy and a tad sad, like me? Well, we still have zinnias, cannas, and (miraculously) cherry tomatoes jammin' out all over the place, but my mare Daphne ate what remained of the heat-loving okra, and pretty much everything else had to be euthanized. What I'm saying is that the Lazy W gardens are bare compared to recently.

Tsk, tsk, Daphne. Tsk, tsk.

   It's okay, though. A neutral color palette may not be my fave, especially for landscaping, but we are only days away from precious relief. All signs point to deep rains and cooler temps as we transition from this brutal summer to the lushness of autumn. In fact, as I write this with a big glass of sweet, creamy iced coffee at my side, rain is slanting down on the farm, cool and heavy.

   But it's just not time to put the gardens to bed, you guys! It's time to give them (and ourselves) a short little tiny break and plan for the next phase, which is right around the corner. Remember that in Oklahoma (and I suspect in most places where my fantastic readers live) you can grow foods and flowers almost all year long, certainly past the start of school. So do NOT surrender to the Halloween decorations at Pottery Barn and believe erroneously that summer is over! It's not! Just the worst of summer is over, and that is reason for gardeners everywhere to celebrate!

   So, have you been dabbling along with me in gardening by the moon? I thought I would offer some tidbits I have collected from different sources, some basic advice on what garden tasks to complete when during our current moon cycle. Remember these are just guidelines, and your spot in paradise may dictate slightly different dates, so I encourage you to look around for info...


Late August 2012: The New Moon was yesterday, Friday, August 17th. This means we will be waxing full for the next two weeks, culminating in a Full Moon on Friday, August 31st. Remember that this phase of the moon is fertile, meant for growth, germination, above ground crops, life, sex, conception, construction, etc, etc. Get the idea? This is a forward push and upward building time of month, time to focus on progress and visible beauty!

August 20-21 (Monday and Tuesday)  Plant above ground crops, sow grains, and plant flowers. The nurseries will start to offer fresher blooms soon, so keep your green little eyes open. I plan on bringing home maybe extra little herbs or mums and pansies, whatever looks gorgeous when I get there. (But I will not be planting flowering spring bulbs yet; that's for the waning moon phase.)

August 22-24 (Wednesday through Friday)  Good dates for leafy veggies! I am so excited for an encore collection of spinach, kale, and so many lettuces. Also plant peas, beans, tomatoes, etc. Lots of old fashioned gardeners use this time of the year for a succession crop of such foods. Last year I harvested red tomatoes up until Thanksgiving! If you have a spot of clean earth, it's worth a shot! And it's a cheap experiment. Just consider aiming for somewhere you can avoid the winds that might kick up during weather changes.

August 25-26 (Next Saturday and Sunday)  Cut winter wood and do clearing and plowing. Well, I mean, do you have a plow? I don't. But Handsome and I might just might be cutting wood, we'll see. This next bit of advice threw me, but I'll include it just in case you guys have some insight: "No planting." Huh? I don't understand a no planting directive halfway through the fertile phase, but it's all over the stuff I read for these two dates. Do with that what you will. I might just consider it a good weekend to go to the movies and eat out with Handsome instead of goof around outside.

August 27-August 29 (Next Monday through Wednesday)  Plant more above ground crops. Also celebrate your husband's birthday!!! xoxoxo

August 31st (Last Friday of the month) Full Moon. Barren day, no planting, kill pests if you can, and if we get deep rain and the burn ban has lifted... Light a bonfire! Roast a marshmallow, and tell ghost stories under the glow of moonlight. It's fairly magical, after all...


   Well, happy late summer friends! I would LOVE to see photos of your gardens if you have time, maybe post them to this blog's Facebook page or something? I am eternally curious about what other people grow and how they do it...

"There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart."
~Celia Thaxter (19th century writer and poet, contemporary and friend to Ralph Waldo Emerson, among many others, and her gardens still stand for public use today, in New England.)


  1. Great advice Marie! Loved reading this with a cup of coffee. Felt like I was sitting with you.

    1. Hi sweet Dee!! Gosh I take that as a compliment, coming from such a talented gardener AND a pro garden writer!! : ) Thanks, I am still counting on that cup of coffee and garden tour when things relax and green back up! xoxo Enjoy this rainy Saturday... isn't it paradise??

  2. Hi, Marie ~ I've started planting things for fall this week and wonder...will they sprout? Will they grow? If they grow, will I get to harvest before it gets too cold? It's just about the perfect gestation window-time for doing second plantings and I'm thinking about trying a second round of several things. I love that you wrote about this. Take care, Kelly

  3. Hey girlfriend, I was just thinking it was time to plant up some lettuce and spinach for one last hurrah in the garden. Sadly here in Canada, we CAN'T garden all year. But I'm not giving in to the Halloween and fall decorations yet. Although there is definitely a chill in the air tonight - wow how did that happen? Enjoy the rain. We're lighting a campfire in the backyard and pulling out a sweater tonight.


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