Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Quick Farm Update

   How grows your garden so far? Is your corner of the universe lending you regular sky showers and plenty of warm, windless days to sow your seeds? Our new raised beds have been like a playground for me this month. Clean, level, and packed with compost and black soil, they draw me out every morning and seduce me into slipping just one more herb or just one more packet of seeds into an empty space. At last count I had nestled almost twenty squash plants in the dirt out there and almost that many peppers and tomatoes. It's a numbers game, you guys.

   We also now have a bed jam packed with what will become edamame, thanks to a gift from our neighbor Robby, and we are celebrating the rise of the green bean tipi. But you know what? Some of what I have been doing in the garden this past week is sort of against regulation. Oklahoma is smack in the middle of a waning moon, which means I should have been focusing more on weed removal and soil cultivation than the installation of above ground crops. The thing is, I lack willpower.

      Things are growing steadily and with few obstacles, and more importantly Rebecca's wedding is just a few days from now; so the temptation to plant new stuff is just too strong to resist! The photo above, though, is actually an old clematis vine. One which I believed to have perished in last year's heat wave. But look! Just like the abandoned, rusty blue bike from the Pine Forest, she made a comeback! When I look at this pairing I see three months into the future, when that misshapen front wheel is draped lavishly with green vines and heavy blossoms. And then I go plant some more seeds.

   Before we all go scoot to our Tuesday chores and appointments, will you be kind as to cast a vote? Yesterday I collected lots of normal chicken eggs... and then the behemoth egg you see on the right in this photo. It is heavy, folks. And I have yet to crack it open to see its contents, but it could be a goose egg. Before you vote, here are some facts:

  • This giant egg was found in the same nesting box as six average sized hen eggs.
  • That nesting box is about three feet off the ground, inside the chicken coop.
  • The geese have in fact been sleeping in the coop lately, but...
  • Momma Goose is, well, she's just not athletic.
  • But seriously, that is a big egg. And it is as heavy as a brick, no kidding.
   We have a predatory snake robbing eggs this past month (more on that soon), and I kind of imagine him catching a glimpse of that beasty egg and suffering a phantom gagging-choking event then slithering away, empty bellied.

   So far I have two votes for this being a double-yolker chicken egg and one vote for it being a goose egg. Once I hear from a few more of you adventurous souls I'll crack it open and see what's going on inside that pretty shell.

   Is it a goose egg or just a huge chicken egg, maybe a double yolker?

   Have an amazing day, friends! I am headed outside with my last cup of coffee. The bees need to discuss something important, and the horses have asked to play in the pond. 

   Waning Moon reminder: Pull those weeds this week! The moon is full again this Sunday.

But Then Again,
Gardening Rules are Made to Be Broken, Right?


  1. Ooooooh, I am waiting with bated breath over that goose/hen egg discovery!

    1. LOL!! Tiff I wish your kids could be here to crack it open.

  2. Replies
    1. LOL Poor girl indeed!! I've been watching for who in the group is walking funny.

  3. What a lovely blog! Thanks for stopping by, so that I get to read your blog, too. Clever woman with that bike wheel. And eggs-- have no idea about the big egg, being a 'new egg' myself. But I'm learning!

    1. Hi! Nice to meet ya, guess what, I may soon plant some hydrangea/day-lilies together thanks to your blog conversation. Awesome idea! That bike wheel was really a very happy accident. Stay tuned for egg results!! :)


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