Sunday, January 8, 2012

Chilly Sunday Afternoon (Small Stone January 8th)

   The air is cooler today than it's been in a while, crisper and drier too. The sky is slate gray with only patches of blue here and there, and where the afternoon sun manages to scrape through the clouds, its light is a dull silver instead of the usual gold. The evocative fragrance of a bonfire mixes with the smells of hay, leather, and chicken litter, so that closing my eyes takes me back to our beloved Buffalo Mountain. 
   Out of nowhere a breeze kicks up, scattering a thousand fragile oak leaves and slicing through  my long but thin cotton sleeves. I am reminded gently that we're still in the middle of January, that the sublime springtime fantasy these past weeks was exactly that.


  1. Lucky you! We're starting to wonder if we will ever get winter here. I keep thinking back to a year ago when everything was frozen over in a thick sheet of ice. Today? I let me son run free in a short sleeved shirt and jeans. I just want it to snow.

  2. I'm having spring fantasies too. This time last year we'd had frost for a month. This year, just rain. I'd be happy to skip right over to spring now. Good stone!

  3. We are in the middle of summer right now. It seems that it has been getting much hotter these last 2 years. But in the Highveld we have the most wondrous thundershowers that pile up at the drop of a hat, thunder and shed its load and leaves as suddenly as it came, occasionally staying the night in order to lull us to sleep with some pit-pat and grumbling. I love it! But winter is around the corner and as hot as it gets, it also gets cold. I can feel it whispering on the early morning breeze already. But a season is a season and I love them all.

    It sounds like you honour yours the same way.

  4. GOOD point. Great visual. We've been mild thus far too and the weather report says that's getting ready to come to a screeching halt tomorrow. Thanks for your comment on my SITS post Monday. :)


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