Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wheel of Friendly (Small Stone January 25th)

   If I were a game show, I would want to be Wheel of Fortune. The hosts are never surly, always friendly. And apparently they don't age. The puzzles are workable, not reliant on bizarre trivia or statistical luck. And, most importantly, no contestant goes home empty handed. I just love that. Not because I believe every child needs a trophy for every effort made in life, but because it's just nice. Paying even the least winning contestant a $1,000 parting gift is the game show equivalent of a nice party favor. The best parties send people home with a little summin-summin.

The end.


  1. That's true, it is nice of them to give everyone a prize. Party favors are not a tradition here, we mostly know about them from american movies :-) Interesting stone!

  2. We don't have WOF so I will take your word on that. I like the idea of everyone getting something, because I believe that everyone should as long as they contribute to the best of their ability. We don't all have every skill in the world, and I think it is unfair to make someone else "better" than you when you could not compete fairly. I am not against sport and Olympics and all of that; not for it either mind you - sport is a but of a problem for me. BUT I think we can be a little less strenuous with the prize giving thing in this world of ours. It makes some people feel bad, and they feel even worse knowing that there will never be a prize for them because that is not their particular gift to give. Unfortunately there is no prize for those whose gift it is to heal, to teach or simply to love. Prizes seem only to go to those who are the smartest, fastest or strongest. Which is why I believe everyone should be acknowledged for doing their best and exceeding themselves.

    ANYWAY - very philosophical me. Of course I also get that people differ in their opinions.



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