Sunday, January 29, 2012

Warmth & Faith (Small Stone January 29th)

   Another unseasonably warm January afternoon. The sun sits confidently on my bare arms and neck, pressing into my skin his secret plans for growth and new life. The breeze kicks up sometimes, sending that cold slice of winter back through my hair, but the sunshine persists. Smiling at the calendar, telling the early budded trees not to worry, everything is as it should be, even if you don't understand. 
   I take silent count of the incredible moves of God in our life, both over the years and just this past week. I feel the weight and comfort of His steady presence despite the cold of those yet unanswered longings. His Love and mercy wrap around me and press into my heart His secret plans for growth.


  1. So your trees are budding, too, huh? Yesterday, I took a photo of a magnolia tree near our county courthouse that looks like full-on April. Crazy. And then, I sat under it and pondered God for a while. Xoxoxo...

  2. beautiful post. and very true. the divine plan is always perfect...


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