Friday, May 25, 2012

Five Senses Tour in the Bee Yard

   This morning I ushered in my last work day before a long weekend 
sitting out near the bees, about fifteen feet from their hives. 
I got very nearly lost in thought and forgot time for a while. 
Here are some things I noticed...

See: The translucent moon still lingering in the western sky, obscured sometimes by clouds. Reflections of those clouds on the pond. Pale yellow moths or maybe butterflies dancing on the breeze in front of me. Bees thick at the entrance to each hive, crowding each other, then spiraling out into the early morning pastels. The Pine Forest layered and bright behind the bee yard. Some of the trees in there stripped clean of their bark by rutting deer.

Hear: Chickens clucking and skittering through fallen leaves and pine needles. Roosters crowing when they find a meal. Daphne and Dusty giving those sweet, breathy horse ruffles. Behind me, nearer the smoke house, a menagerie of wild birds singing to each other in the tree tops.

Touch: Matted grass, wildflowers, and some short weeds on the sloped middle field where I sit. Light breeze on my arms. Goosebumps when Dusty sneaks up behind me and nuzzles my shoulder. I love that dang horse so much.

Taste: The last swallow of sweet, creamy coffee, no longer hot but still delicious. Something weird and tangy when I lick my finger, then I remember I groomed a tomato plant on my way downhill.

Smell: The sharp, grassy fragrance of dried manure, chlorine suddenly wafted down from the pool, and a new perfume: crushed larkspur seeds still on my fingers. Also pine needles and horse breath.

Feel: Overwhelmed and undeserving. Content and restless.

Think: Of the future, of the many wild, wonderful possibilities for our girls, for Handsome's career, for this little farm... but also of how beautiful the present moments always are, of how good and strong life is. Of how powerful Love proves itself to be every single time.

Happy weekend, everyone!
Soak up the details. Marinate in them.
Know that choosing joy now 
does not mean you are giving up on future dreams;
you're only preparing to appreciate them even more
when they finally come true.

Feed Your Faith
Enjoy Your Life


  1. Love it!!! You didn't mention hearing the buzz of bees. Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Thinking about you every time I go into my veggie garden (which is growing by the minute)

  2. Bee-you-tee-full (ha! See what I did there?) I love the way I can read your words and bee (I couldn't resist) right there.

    Is it pool time again already?! Oh yay!


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