Monday, May 21, 2012

This Past Week

   Life is brimming these days you guys, with activity and love, with work and play, with little time to sit down for reading and writing. As this coming week progresses, I hope to share with you guys both photos and stories, but for now... while a pot of water boils for some midday pasta... a quick run down:

  • Josh, our couch surfer, visited. He brought this little dog Ben. We made him work and play outdated video games and then we all watched funny crash clips and I made some saltine toffee with chocolate.
  • The okra, tomatoes, soy beans, squash, flowers, sweet corn, green beans, cucumbers, peppers, and herbs are all growing like bananas. But there are no bananas growing. But I am considering some grape vines.
  • My two beautiful daughters and their adorable stepbrother spent a day at the farm last week. We made smoothies, played with the animals, and talked. We talked so much. They are growing and changing faster than ever but still remaining the same. My heart is full.
  • We've been watching lots of excellent NBA basketball, allowing our Thunder fever to build to a rolling boil. They playoffs have been hot from the beginning, and the fun continues tonight with another game against the Lakers here in OKC. 
  • We've been doing lots of gardening, cleaning, rearranging, crafting, and decorating all over this crazy place. It has been a blast and worth every second.
  • Handsome has lit and tended a few blazing bonfires this week. I love the lingering fragrance out there the next morning.
  • The past week has borne us some ridiculous egg collecting. Ridiculous. 
  • Because of our unusual schedule, Handsome and I have had a little less home cooking than we're used to and more eating out, but that is getting fixed today. To. Day.
  • Late nights of laughing our faces off, both alone and with great friends.
  • A small group of bees has been spotted drinking en force at the edge of the pond. This is cool, you guys. They are finding their way around the farm and are thriving. 
  • I shipped some  Green Goose products to California to see if my lil' sis can peddle textiles as hard as she skates and breaks.
  • Wedding. Did I ever tell you we were hosting a wedding? It was this past Saturday. It was so beautiful and happy...xoxo
  • We scooted off to a car show this Saturday too but forgot our wallets. It was post wedding and sans any real meal that day, and we were so very hungry. My stomach growls now when I think about it.
  • Saturday night we slipped into short but intense comas then spontaneously woke up at midnight to watch a recorded basketball game. I ate a weirdly satisfying dinner of excessively sweet watermelon (seven and a half slices) and excessively salty almonds and cashews (three handsful).
  • At church on Sunday we barreled through the book of Jude. Do you have any idea how interesting that stuff is?
  • I ran out of deodorant and bobby pins. Oh well.
  • We hosted and thoroughly enjoyed our nephew's vow renewal on Sunday afternoon.
  • I attended Oklahoma Blogger's Ball #2 at  Red Dirt Kelly's  house and came home further inspired and further motivated! I also brought with me a branch of fresh oregano from Katie and a sample jar of decorator paint from Allison.
  • Some excessive but much needed sleep has graced both our bed and our couch.
  • I keep forgetting to go pick up a prescription.
  • Missed the flippin solar eclipse, yo.
  • And I really, really want to leave some of the wedding decorations up around the farm. They are so happy and beautiful, it just feels so good.
   I am going to go take another nap, okay? I hope all of you have had a magical week and are all set for a great new series of adventures and accomplishments!  

High Five, Yo. I'll be in Touch.


  1. Sounds like you've had a wonderful, busy, blessed week!

    1. Hey Sonya! Yep, it was jam-packed with good stuff. We are too happy for words! xoxo You had a busy week too, hope graduation was wonderful!

  2. Girl? Could you BE any busier??? I've totally bombed on the NaBloPoMo for this month, I wish I had your excuse! Instead I got me a job... a REAL one that doesn't involve staring into the stubborn eyes of my Honey Badger child while she defies my pleas to poop. Le sigh. Now her Daddy can handle it. So glad you got to see your girls! AND THE BEES! So excited about the bees. ;)

    1. Right?? LOL VERY busy around here.
      And mommying is a real job baby, but seriously, congrats on your new employ!! I hope it's everything you need. xoxo The bees are good so far, counting down the weeks till I get to pry open those boxes...

  3. Hello, dear one:

    I'm so incredibly glad that you got to come and join the rest of those who could attend. Your spirit is a gentle rain, warm and such a blessing! I hope your week is a good one. Thank you so much for the beautiful eggs. I can hardly bear to cook them...and I can hardly bear to not cook them all at once!


    1. Hey RDK!! What a great time I had in your home Sunday. Thanks for opening up to us and for the luscious garden tour and girly feast...xoxo Hey by the way I have added the Anthony Shadid memoir to my goodreads list, you had me hooked!! And go ahead and cook those Lazy W eggs, I'll bring you more!

  4. I feel like taking a nap and I just READ what you did... But it all sounds good, so at least you'll have pleasant dreams, I'm sure.


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