Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wedding in Instagram

 Hey you guys! Remember how we had no personal photos of the wedding we hosted here two Saturdays ago? Well, thanks to my friend Marci, who along with her darling offspring and gentleman beau also helped a ton with Brian & Rebecca's wedding, we have a few more photos at our disposal. She shared her Instagram snap shots with me, and I am sharing them with you. Thanks again Marci!!

   Incidentally, these are some of the best visuals of a few of the Pinterest projects we chose as a group.

   This sign is cool because the picket itself came from my Dad. Mysti stenciled the lettering. Susan painted over the stenciling in white. Handsome nailed it all together and sank it into the rock hard earth. Juliana helped me decorate it after sunset the night before the wedding. And now Brian, the new groom, has placed it in the happy couple's new garden! A team effort if ever there was one.

   Here is the beautiful bride making her gentle way down the aisle. Rebecca looked incredible and treated everyone with love and warmth, from the first wedding conversation a month ago till the last minute of the wild reception. And do you see the blue hydrangeas? Debbie brought two such gorgeous arrangements to mark the aisle. The day was so windy that we had to place a thousand rocks at the base of each one but everything turned out just fine. Also, you can see Luis, the talented photographer in the background. Have you watched his artistic slideshow yet? Beautiful.

   Here we have the precious 8-year-old Juliana and the slightly less precious 38-year-old me. The previous night we had agreed to both wear sock buns, a'la Pinterest of course. This little girl was not only a LOT of help; she was also a true joy to have flitting around the farm, and I think she made fast friends with Madison, Rebecca's sweet little girl. Hey there's Luis again!

   Who has two thumbs and is a sucker for blurred white twinkle lights??? This guy. Oh, and here is one way we used the four million coffee-filter poms sewn and fluffed out by Jacqueline, Susan, Rebecca, Marci, and probably more wonderful ladies. 

   This was hands down my personal favorite part of the wedding decor. Our exuberant Oklahoma wind really made the most out of these free-form blue and white tree streamers, wildly installed by Juliana and her big brother Koby. Later that Saturday night, we had some pretty hefty thunderstorms, and so these fluffy tissue beauties became shrunken, pasted beauties. But the effect was wonderful for the special day, and I will definitely be doing this again.

   Rebecca's nephew cut dozens of sheet music triangles, and Debbie and Susan constructed yards and yards of these paper pennants for decorating the reception trees. 

   We placed various succulents and potted ivies along with sand-and-candle-filled mason jars throughout the reception. The tables were all dressed in old linens and lace, borrowed from so many generous ladies.

   Dusty was feeling amorous that day.

   And apparently he was rubbing off on Daphne.

   What a relief to have a few more photos. What a fun collection of projects. And most importantly, what a memory-rich day. 



  1. LOVE! I especially love the picture of you and Juliana having a conversation during the wedding. My kids are so blessed to have growing up memories of the Lazy W. You are treasured friends! I had no idea I took so many pictures of the wedding craftiness or that they were some of the only pictures of the crafts. Maybe you guys were working while I was snapping pictures? :-O

    1. I love that photo too!! We are even more blessed to have you guys here so much. It does a heart good, you know? Looking forward to many years of watching them grow up, they're awesome kids.
      As for the "working," we all know it was way more like playing! LOL And thank the crafty heavens above you DID stop to take these snapshots, I was so depressed about not having a camera!! LOL

  2. Hey, Marie! I hate that you weren't able to take many pictures yourself but I've sure enjoying seeing and reading about the ones you've posted. What a wonderful day for your bride and groom. I agree, it was a tad bit windy that day! :) But it looks like everything turned out perfect!

  3. how beautiful!
    I find of late, that I can never capture the moments as well as I would love to... I hope the pictures taken, will provide the spark to remember things well in our old age...

  4. How fun! I love that pic of you and Juliana too. Thanks, Marci, for sharing your photos! :-)


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