Thursday, May 24, 2012

How I Know My Husband Doesn't Listen to Me

   I walked outside early this morning to slip an empty pizza box in our concave burn pile, knowing that tonight we will be lighting it. Pizza boxes are excellent fire fodder, after all. And look what I discovered...

   An almost brand new wooden palette laying defeatedly on top of some dried pear tree branches.

   I would never have done this, you guys. not in my sleep, not while heavily medicated, not even under threat of bodily harm. 

   Any sane person who listens to his wife and pays attention to the wisdom of up-cycling would never so nonchalantly toss a perfectly good, plenty strong and usable wooden palette into a fire pit! Who's with me on this? 

   Well, Handsome is on his way to the Commish now, and I have the farm to myself for the next eight to fifteen hours. So as soon as this coffee mug is empty and the animals are fed and I iron a few shirts, I have some important business that needs tending. Some up-cycling, palette-saving, creativity-nourishing type business. 

   What would YOU do with this palette? Would you make it into a vertical growing space? Or cut it apart for skinny little book shelves? Or would you find a few more just like it and stack them and add casters to make an awesome coffee table? Or how about a super cool head board? Or a spice rack? 

   See, babe? The possibilities for this simple piece of carpentry are just endless. You don't need it for fire fodder. We have pizza boxes for that. I love you, but I am gonna have to reclaim this palette. Like, today.

P.S. I'm Only Kidding, He Listens to Me Until it Hurts.


  1. I actually saw something similar out of crates the other day: Buy/Make a few cushions and make a huge close to the ground seater. Maybe cut it in half and add a few extra bars of wood in order to do so.

    Alternatively, attach it to the wall and add a couple of planks and make a unique shelving thingy....

    Whatever you decide, remember to show me when you are done!

  2. I would make it into a vertical growing space. Definitely.
    Or use it to stack firewood on - the damp, you know.
    Although I really like the idea of using it to make some low, outdoor seating. You could make this whole Moroccan fire-pit kind of situation with low seating and candles and low tables around a fire. Of course, if you had an old parachute to recycle into a silk tent to surround the whole thing, that would be delicious.
    Sometimes I get a little carried away with the up-cycling.
    I can't wait to see what you do with it!

  3. I think you should have both Nadya and TangledLou to the farm to help you upcycle that bad boy. And invite me to document it all. ;-)

  4. Yes... he listens.... and it could be that there are 9 more just like it behind the barn already.... :)

  5. Sounds like "anonymous" there knows the lay of the land on your farm. I say vertical garden!!!

  6. Oh my gosh. HOW COULD HE!?!??! In all seriousness, that palette would make a FABULOUS shelf! There are plenty of "palette/shelf" DIY instructions on pinterest. Pretty sure I've pinned them all!


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