Monday, September 2, 2013

Inviting You to a Gardening Q & A

   Let's talk for a while about gardening. I wish you and I could sit tonight outside under the black Oklahoma sky, count the stars, and listen to the locusts and coyotes. I would love to quietly trade with you our best gardening secrets and wishes, mistakes and triumphs.

   If you are a gardener like me, though, your have more joy than knowledge and more questions than answers. Much more. I could write a book containing nothing but questions about gardening. Theory, design, science, history, poetry, spirituality, economics... There is so much worth knowing. You could never ever learn it all!

I would introduce you to some of my most colorful friends.

   That's okay, to be full of questions. Because I have a friend who is writing a book with answers. It is all about gardening for people like me, people roughly my age who are more rookie than seasoned veteran.

   You have met her here before, when I interviewed her and she photographed me. It was just back in July, called Knowing Dee.  And I hope by now you have become another devoted reader at her lovely blog, Red Dirt Ramblings.

   With her book in the final publication stages and due to release this coming February, Dee has opened a Facebook page called the 20/30 Something Garden Guide.

There, she fosters a warm, welcoming spot where no comment or question is ignored, despite her busy schedule. She is encouraging, informative, and also generous with mouth watering garden photography. I strongly encourage you to click "like" on her book's Facebook page and join the fun!

This is a cell phone photo I snapped while enjoying 
a completely overwhelming view of Dee's garden 
about 40 minutes north of the fam.
I inhaled the beauty that evening and have been inspired every since my visit, 
but I sure want to visit again when I can take notes and, yes, better photos.

   In addition to following this great page, will you please jot down some of your own gardening questions and share them? Hey, the more we ask the more we learn. And maybe we all can think of different questions and learn even more.

   Thanks, friends! I hope your Labor Day weekend has been luscious. Garden on.

"Knowing is Half the Battle."
~GI Joe


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